Tuesday, August 03, 2010


seems to be confronting me from all directions at the moment. Skills I've let lie dormant are being called forth to do battle with things left behind by others who either didn't have them or didn't care...so far, mostly, with good results.

My son is getting his house ready to market, on a fairly short timeline and there has been much to do to get it ready. I'm lucky he operates well on less sleep than I without falling apart mentally or physically. I'm also very lucky that he learned sheet-rocking from my brother-in-law, as I didn't really learn it from anyone and it's always turned into more of something along the lines of auto-body work for me!

His wife has been busy painting anything that stands still long enough; over the weekend my wife even got in on that part of things as we were fitting and hanging doors. Today has been an "off" day for me as he has my truck so he could pick up plywood to take to someone else to make cabinet doors for him. I voted this morning, then took a nap (I've come to look forward to those of late) then spent some time in my little gym.

Yesterday I saw my doctor and was told that I'm good for another twelvemonth and that he'll see me then, something he's picked on me about in the past. (Only seeing him when I'm healthy...)

Last night we all took a night off to go watch my youngest nephew get his Eagle Scout award from the Boy Scouts. His older brother and their father having been Eagle Scouts makes it a very special rarity, from the way it was explained. Tomorrow he goes back to college, where along with working on his teaching degree he managed to adopt a Cub Scout troop last year and plans to continue with them this year as well. My oldest grandson is now in my nephew's "home" troop...I hope I'm around to see him get his Eagle award as well!

As I write it's 102F. (39C.) with a heat index of 110F. (43C.) on the shady side of my house. Our warmest day in 3 years according to the local weatherman. I'm glad I'm inside, listening to the window-unit air-conditioner cycle! When I think of the times I'd go fishing for 8-10 hours on afternoons like this I wonder what was wrong with me! I sure don't deal with it well now!

I've been spending minutes of my "slack time" as I find it reading a book of essays by Amy Tan...one that has really struck me discusses how our languages lock us into our viewpoints as well as our societies. I'd like to think us wise enough to see beyond that, but sadly know that has to be something we work at; something that doesn't come naturally.

It's primary day in Kansas and shark week on Discovery Channel...there's a correlation there that should be a warning to some of those with their names on the ballot! I've done the best I can for today and will have to wait for November now, with somewhat a sense of dread as our we haven't managed to elect a Democrat for a Senator since 1932...I'll be glad to see Sam Brownback go, but not sure I'll like his replacement any better!

On the national level I'm still astounded at the abundant hatred that finds its way into the rhetoric on every issue and on every level. It's as though it had been bottled up somewhere behind a dam for the last 40 years and now, given a chance to burst forth into the sunlight that should have made it wither in the light of understanding, it instead is being fueled by the bloodlust of intolerance.

A mongrel product of this nation and its melting pot; I can point out ancestors from most of Europe. I also know that others, from other places are mixed in as well, along with some who met their boats when they got here. I had ancestors on both sides of the "War Between the States", or as some would have called it "The War of Northern Aggression"; one of my grandfather's grandfathers died in his butternut wool (Confederate) uniform in the hills of Tennessee a very few years before a re-united Congress passed the 14th Amendment that seems to be the newest point of attack on the agenda of those who think that every person they hear speaking a foreign language is an illegal immigrant.

It's truly sad to see the "worst in us" encouraged instead of the best...

May the week be kind to each of you!