Thursday, November 29, 2007


these first few days back...trying to let my hours slip and keep all the other balls in the air, so to speak!

I figured out the other night that I have about 3 hours a day to have a life on these hours:

I try to get out the door to leave for work about 4:30 in the afternoon; if I'm lucky I'm back in front of the dresser at 4AM. There went 11.5 hours.

If (conservatively) I allot an hour a day to cooking, eating, packing my cooler and taking a shower, and a half hour to the other things that have to be done around the house each day I'm up to 13.

I try to get 8 hours sleep each night. Some nights that's harder than others (last night I woke up about once an hour for some reason...aches, pains...trips to the little boy's room...). If I don't, then I start screwing things up (like Monday night when I set a rack of "wrong" stock on the line). Now we're up to 21...

So that leaves 3...

I had planned to write something last night but I was cross-eyed. I'm not much better tonight, but I needed bibs for work tomorrow so they are in the wash right now. In a minute I'm going to slip off and watch one episode of "Ghost in the Shell"; that will be the first thing I've watched since Sunday.

All this fun and I get to do it for 6 days this week as well...hmmmmmm!

Lou Costello used to say "I must have been a baaaaaaaaaaaaad boy"!

Sometimes it feels that way!

Hopefully tomorrow night I will slip around and check in with some of you...right now I just want to lie down 'til the washing machine stops!

Thinking of you each...may the rest of your weeks be kind!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vacation winding down...

and as it does, I wonder how I find time to go to work!

Thanksgiving went well. I managed to distract Dottie while she was making pies Wednesday evening and she forgot to turn down the oven on one of the apples; that one ended up broken up into a corningware dish in our fridge so she could re-use the ceramic pie pan to make another...she thought for once that she would be done in time to get a "good night's sleep" and instead she ended up going to bed around 2. I was forgiven, though!

Yesterday we (Dottie, younger son, his wife, the 3 grandkids, his brother-in-law who lives with them now along with my sister and her family) all went to see "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". I had read a piece in the USA Today about it 6 months or so ago, and knew I would be going to see it if no one else wanted to. 26 thumbs up...I will own that one when it comes out!

Last night I thawed our turkey and will be putting it in the oven shortly. A small one just for us, as Bill and Laura are both working this weekend so we won't be getting to have our own family after-dinner like we've done the past few years. By the time Dottie comes home all will be done except for making the gravy. My grandmother taught her, and it's one of the few things I just can't quite get right. Someday!

Meanwhile, I'm running laundry and watching the thermometer because if it breaks 40 there are some things outside I'd like to try and get done. Yesterday the caulk I had worked on Tuesday hadn't set up yet...have some wood it would be nice to get in prime tomorrow, as it's supposed to make it to 50 again. We'll see!

Monday I go back to work after my 10 days off; the feeling of dread has already tried to settle in. Back to the "rat race"...hopefully with others doing my job they've decided it really is too much for one person and taken something off!

(Not holding my breath on that! By way of explanation, they used to expect us to deliver 8 things per hours; as they put the radio monitors on our forklifts that has gone up but there are still only so many things you can do in one hour. Most anything takes at least 3 minutes by the time you deal with the empty container, the full container, and opening one or closing the other. Some take 4 or 5; some you have to take 2 containers and that puts you up to around 8 minutes. The last night I worked I delivered 12 in the first half hour. All things that would shut the line down if I didn't deliver them, the ones that weren't I skipped over. Partly because dayshift doesn't like to order, partly because too many of my parts come in 20 to 36 part containers. My team leader came and picked up 3 more off my screen, and I delivered 8 more after that...)

So, for the next few weeks, I'm back on ten hour days; the first two weeks of December are 6 day weeks as well; they want every Malibu we can build before the Christmas shut-down week. Dealers are still begging to get more than one or two; a good sign with it being the holidays because normally car sales "die" right now and stay "dead" until people start getting their tax checks. A good time of the year for it, with all the kids and grandkids to shop for, but backbreaking none the less.

Now my sights turn towards that Christmas shut-down week. I work on Friday night; Saturday morning I have to get up and head for Wyoming again to pick up the Galaxie that we trailered up there several months ago. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we'll be back late Sunday in time to rest up for the holiday! Dottie can't go this time, so my younger son is supposed to ride shotgun...I don't really want to try it by myself that time of year!

It's Dottie's lunchtime now, and time for me to go find my cellphone! I need to move laundry as well...then after she calls I'll start preparing dinner.

May the rest of the weekend be kind to you all!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If this doesn't...

make your foot tap and bring you a smile, you're dead!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who will be partaking tomorrow; may the week be kind to the rest of you!


Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge (one of the most underated men to ever pick up a horn) with Gene Krupa's band...


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guilty pleasures...

Before I get to those...

I had a few questions asked about my using Melatonin to go to sleep when I come home.

If you can imagine getting off work from a physical job and trying to go to sleep an hour after you get home, that's what going to bed at 5AM is like for me. It's the equivalent of going to bed at 6 or 6:30 for someone on a "normal" schedule.

Melatonin seems to work well for me and isn't "habit forming" like the other things I keep reading about. I don't take it, though, if I have less than 6 or 7 hours ahead of me to sleep and if I get less than 8 I wake up a bit "slow"; if I can get 8 or 9 hours, I'm just fine. I always try to get 8 when I'm working for fear of running someone over with a 16,000 pound forklift when they walk out in front of me oblivious to their surroundings.

I first read about melatonin in an "Alaska" magazine as one of the recommendations for dealing with the sun/lack of sun issues at certain times of the year. For me, it comes in especially handy when I try and flip my hours as I did last night, going to bed at midnight instead of 5AM and getting up at 8. Dottie refuses to take anything she doesn't "have" to, and if she lets her hours slip to mine she can't go to sleep the night before she has to go back to work. Plus right now, I need the daylight hours to try and finish my outside projects as the weather is due in Tuesday evening...freezing rain, etc..

It was also mentioned in some other things I've read. There's a lot of information on the net as well, if you are interested in it.

On to the promised "Guilty Pleasures"!

I mentioned something the other day in a comment about watching "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader". Whether it's realizing how much I've forgotten, being shocked at how much earlier things are learned now than they were "in my day" or pleasantly surprising myself with some of the questions I get right, each week that's one hour the two of us enjoy. Of course, many of the answers I get right, I didn't learn in school...

Of the new shows on TV, "Big Bang Theory" has been a treat as well! Well written, funny, and well cast! I will miss it when they run out of episodes due to the writer's strike. "Samantha Who" has been pretty good as well. There are some others we've recorded that we have yet to find time together to watch, so I know what we'll be doing when the new episodes of other things run out!

The "Big Band" channel on my Music Choice on our cable has been on way too much lately, and caused countless searches of the "Solid" database and Amazon and caused my Amazon list to grow by a few pages...

For a treat when the weather finally closes in I picked up the 2nd series of "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex". I got hooked on the first series several years ago, have seen all the movies, and bought the mangas as well. Something about the human/cyber connection intrigues me.

Last but not least, with all the time I've been spending outside these last few weeks, watching our 11-going-on-12 year old dog act more like a pup since her arthritis pain is being eased by the MSM/Glucosamine/Chondroitin combination our vet found has been a treat. Though she can't outrun Bill anymore, she can run my legs off if she wants to, and refuses to stay in the house if I'm outside doing anything. It's quite a change from a few months ago when she couldn't hardly use one leg, and had great difficulty getting up off the floor if she laid there too long! (Boy do I know that feeling!)

Speaking of outside, time to go check some wood putty and get back to work...

May the weekend be lovely and kind to you all!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Day in the Life...

like that old song title!

3:30AM- Off work!

3:48- Home; pull her car out, my truck in, her car back in.

3:56- Quietly slip through our bedroom to go to basement and swap the stuff in my pockets for the clean bibs I'll wear today and put two pair in the wash so I have enough to get through the rest of the week.

4:05- Back through the bedroom, try to convince dog to stay there and lay on the nice soft carpet instead of following me in hopes of getting a Milk Bone.

4:08- Take a melatonin to try and make sure I can go to sleep ASAP.

4:10- Turn on converter box to try to figure out what's on tonight so I can set up VCR's.

4:20- Wiggle mouse to turn off SETI and start browser then go start dishwasher and close door so it doesn't wake Dottie.

(at various times through this I'm also trying to convince cat to quit "erwauling" so he doesn't wake Dottie up. If the door to our bedroom is closed he yowls; last night if it was open he did as well...)

4:25- Sit down here with 2 slices of raisin bread to go through e-mail, news and a few blogs...

4:45- Print "For Better or for Worse" for Dottie to read this morning.

5:05- Turn SETI back on, put bibs in dryer, brush teeth, go to bed.

Noon- Clock goes off so I can turn on cell for when Dottie calls at lunch. Reset clock for 1PM.

12:10- House phone rings; it's Dottie- I slept through the cell ringing.

1:00- Clock goes off, pop caffeine tab and reset it for 1:30.

1:30- Clock goes off, turn on kettle and reset for 1:42.

1:42- Make latte; discover furnace pilot has blown out, relight, wiggle mouse and settle in here for a bit

2:15- Done with post, time to go out and work on garage 'til between 3:30 and 4, then get ready for work.

Tomorrow is my last work day this week. Several contracts ago we got Veteran's Day off, but they let GM decide which day we actually get to be off...this year it's the 16th. I have 3 vacation days next week as Dottie's birthday is Tuesday; I'll be off even though she has to work as she gave up her Monday and Tuesday to go with me when we went to Wyoming to take Jordan's car up on the flatbed. She is off on Wednesday so she can make the pies for Thanksgiving dinner.

Looking forward to 10 days off work! I'll be in and out, but can't promise anything regular...please be well and may life be kind!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another 6...

Tagged by "jlb" at " it begins..." last Friday I had promised to get this up during the week, but with the weather being so warm and me trying to get things done, plus being back on the 10 hour days, I didn't get it done. Since she is gone to a writer's conference this weekend (hooray) this is going to be up 'til probably Wednesday, as Dottie is off on Tuesday.

I got home at 4 this morning and tried to bloghop through my roll and visit you all, but at around 5 my eyes crossed and I couldn't go any further...I'm very sorry, and will be around as I get a chance. As I write this I've been up not quite an hour, it's 60 outside, and I have 5 hours of daylight left to get something done; please forgive me?

This list is called:

Six Random Facts/Habits About Myself That I Haven’t Already Posted

I've been mulling through things now, and don't know if I have six...we'll see! I'm putting some out this time I would never have dared to before. None my sons don't know about, but their wives and my sister don't...hopefully this slips under the radar...

1) I have a great fear of posting pictures of myself like I did below. In a world with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Clive Owen, I fear making people retch! (For all of you that said kind words below, thank you!)

2) In reading a few other lists that people posted it seems many of their misadventures were alcohol fueled. While I have had a few of those, most of them ended with my body functioning and my mind not, therefore it was never my favorite painkiller. "Better living through chemistry" did have a high place on that list however, "back in the day". "Microdot", "windowpane" and "blotter" were all consumed through the years and led to some very strange adventures. Attending "Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in 3D" was one. Riding my motorcycle there and back should probably count for two...bowling the highest score of my life when the other end of the alley was a twisted, writhing mosaic of color...

3) The very last time I ever did the above Dottie and I hadn't been together too long. I went to a party with some biker friends and decided it was time for me to leave. Wisely, on foot. However on the way home, as I walked down the sidewalk minding my own business I watched a fire hydrant jump out and attack my leg!

4) Now, at my advanced age, everytime I can't remember something I wonder "if I had back a few of those brain cells" would this be happening. In my heart I know it probably would, but there is always that nagging doubt!

5) When I decided to sign my organ donor card the above worried me so badly I asked 2 MD's if there was a possibility of my organs or skin or something causing some poor innocent who received them a "flashback". Both were amused by the question and said that no, as long as I wasn't having any problems, the recipients wouldn't either.

6) After I had given up the above, my last foray into psychedelics involved mushrooms and varnish. At the rental house I walked home to above, the living room floor was wood and had had motorcycles torn apart on it by the previous tenant. The landlord had agreed that whatever we spent to refinish it we could deduct from the rent, so we stripped it. The afternoon I started to varnish it I had bought some very good polyurethane spar varnish, but only had enough money left for some cheap paint brushes. As I opened the can, a friend stopped by...not long after I was very very stoned, tripping on mushrooms, high on paint fumes, and trying to pick the brush bristles out of the varnish as the brush was shedding one about every 4 inches...

A "freebie":

When he was in college my oldest blew his ACL in a martial arts class. When he had it repaired he "came to" in the hospital the physics major honor student was absolutely convinced that the anesthesia had ruined his mind because he couldn't do some of the complex math things he normally could in his head. This is about 15 minutes after he "woke up". I kept trying to convince him he was fine, that it was just the anesthetic and that when the rest of it wore off he would be OK. He was absolutely paranoid, so I started telling some of the above stories.

The guy in the next bed was a bit older than Bill, but not my age. I thought he was unconcious; he had had disc surgery and was "out" except for hitting the button on his pain pump everytime he stirred.

When checkout time for Bill came (23 hours after he went in) I went to go get the car, and while he waited the guy told him to thank me for the stories, he really enjoyed them!

May the weekend be kind!


P.S. Hopefully none of you are offended by the above stories; it was a different time and a different world...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cover up your mirrors...

and maybe your eyes as well!

My idea for an alternative title was "My Halloween Mask"

I needed a current photo for something "Zilla" cooked up and figured if I could send it to her, I could put it here as well!

I used to buy Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer stamps, but when postage went up a couple of years ago they quit making the Prostate Cancer ones. I'll put them on anything I mail; my wife doesn't think they are appropriate for some things...

I don't think cancer is appropriate for anyone!

It's been a few years since I heard numbers, but they used to say that one in 9 women would get breast cancer, 1 in 10 men would get prostate cancer; but that 1 in 15 men will get breast cancer as well!

I think for what we've spent in Iraq we could probably cure cancer; have health care for most if not all of us; have a real education system that paid teachers what they are worth; pay for college for anyone that qualifies and most likely have some money left over!

Instead, we've been propping up the next dictator we'll have to lock up and execute because he didn't do what we wanted...

Speaking of government policy...

Remember when W. said that global warming was just junk science?

We had more and later rain than usual this year, but that doesn't explain that on the 4th of November my tree that is usually bare by the 2nd week of October is still in full leaf and just starting to turn, or the lush green lawn that is in desperate need of mowing! Normally my mower gets used to mulch leaves one last time just before or after Halloween and that's it 'til around March.

Not this year!

Junk science my ass!

Forgive my language...please?


Sunday, November 04, 2007


is how grown up a little girl can look at 6...

Her little brother wore a handmade costume...

and the oldest grandson was dressed from the surplus store!

Sorry I haven't been around much these last few days...I've been scraping, caulking and painting just as fast as I can go!

(Seems like this was all much easier 20 years ago!)