Monday, August 05, 2013

Things are simmering nicely!

I've kept very busy since my last missive-finally was so exhausted last Thursday (4 days after the next round of chemo) that I had to take a few days to rest up, but now I'm ready to go again. I've spent time in the driveway (brakes and rotors on her Malibu, along with checking ball joints and tie rod ends; then changing the oil in my truck a few days later), I've shopped, and spent a lot of time dealing with phone calls as well. Amazing how much of one's life you can lose to voicemail!

I'm into Remarque's 3rd book dealing with WWI and its aftermath "Three Comrades". A movie I've seen more than a few times and loved, I wanted to read the book before I watch it again and my DVD is waiting, I swear telling me to hurry up! I've read more books in the last 6 months than I have in many years, and the list of those waiting keeps on growing.

When I ordered my sister's birthday stuff from Amazon I added a treat for myself (to get the free shipping, of course) acquiring "The Birth of the Hot", a series of sides Jelly Roll Morton recorded in 1926 and 1927, about 6 months either side of my Dad's birth. The name is appropriate, and the recordings have been cleaned up nicely compared to some of the "acoustic" (pre-electric microphone) things I've listened to through the years (and been grateful for).

I'm slowly ripping all my CD's and putting them on an MP3 player. I did some early this year, before my hospital stint, so I would have them during chemo sessions. I was glad to have them during the hospital stay, and putting the rest on a chip seems to make sense. I know there are purists that decry the sound quality, but the quality of my hearing is probably even worse than any fault they can find with the medium, and there is much to be said for the comfort of "your own" music as opposed to the ideas someone else would have for someone my age.

Last night Dottie came home and I had Beethoven playing on the Crosley. "The Complete Symphonies, Vol,1" conducted by Otto Klemperer leading the Philharmonia Orchestra. I heard a reference to his work, read about him and acquired them and have revisited them several times in the years since. I'll be ripping them in a little while, but wanted to get an update posted here before another day slips away from me!

I'm waiting for Dottie to get out of the shower to try and recreate a restaurant recipe (grilled chicken with peppers and cheese) for dinner. I have another to try for tomorrow, a variation of a Jacques Pepin one, but needed the oven for it and have baked potatoes in there right now.

I hope life is being kind to each of you! Here, I'm just grateful for each day and enjoying each as much as possible!