Saturday, December 13, 2014


I've started to put my head up more than once here the past 6 weeks, but every time I can almost see over the edge of my burrow, it feels like someone takes a swing at it! Thus my reference to the arcade/midway game...

Healthwise, I'm doing OK; one small round of a bug and a different kind of round with a crown that decided it didn't like the molar it was on after 20+ years. It got pulled last week; stitch came out and all seems fine there as well.

The Christmas tree is up a bit earlier this year; though every year the promise is "smaller" the tree is once again larger-about 7' tall and about as wide, lol! It will be interesting to see Liam's face when he comes in the door and sees it...I know he already thinks we're crazy...and he's right!

We've gotten some wrapping done and the shopping is almost complete; perhaps it will really be a "soft landing" this year instead of the all night thrash it usually turns into! (Fingers crossed!!!)

I'm so saddened by much of the news of late; death in the streets everywhere, every day; men that think they have the right to rape, be it those in foreign lands or my childhood heroes...I've always been wary of idols because of the old proverb about their clay feet, but didn't really expect that one...

Then there's the old East Coast sausage grinder mincing bits of the EPA, campaign contribution laws and even part of the Apache Indian reservation (really, Mr. McCain?) to make an exotic premium variety for Wall Street. I might go figure out which den the groundhog is hiding in and wait to stick my head up again until he says there still is a sun, let alone that it might shine again someday!

Yes, I know it could be worse...I keep telling me that, yes I do! I guess that a calendar's whirl from 60 I'm just having trouble convincing me!

I am truly grateful though, to each who still find their way here! I hope the holidays find you surrounded by love and light and warmth and that the New Year brings each of you the smiles you've each brought me!

May the world be kind to each of you!