Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pulmonology visit yesterday...

went well. I had the function test, then saw my doctor and we went through the results. My capacity is down about 12%, but the diffusion (use of the oxygen I get) is unchanged and that means that the fibrosis is unchanged or only slightly worse; the drop in capacity is more due to how many times I've been sick through all this and therefore less active than either of us would have liked. Between getting in some walking and dropping some weight, I should recover most of that 12%. We've scheduled another PFT and appoinment for the first week of September. She's hoping that after the late spring and all the extra "lung bugs" that I stay healthy enough for the next little while to get ahead of things again. Here's hoping!!!

Monday I had my 7th round of chemo; Alimta only this time. So far I seem to be a bit less rough afterwards than usual, though I've slept a lot yesterday and last night. The real story will be told come next Monday when we see if I avoid my usual "week after chemo" round of chills, shakes and fever! That has hit a week to 10 days out each time so far; I'm hoping the lack of carbo-platinum ends it.

The 4th of July turned out wonderfully! Bill and Laura made it in from Colorado; her "baby bump" is showing now and they both seem to be doing well and looking forward to parenthood. John, Noel and the 3 grandkids were all here, along with my sister and brother-in-law along with their two boys and one of their girlfriends. Quite a houseful! It was a much cooler day than a year ago, and between the day and night time fireworks there were about 7 hours worth of fun, plus dinner and dessert.

Bill took me to Lowe's the day before and I bought a good painter's respirator; one that specifically filtered for sulfur dioxide, among other things. Since "black powder" is sulfur, potash and saltpeter I figured that would knock most of the fumes and it worked well! I smelled more powder from everyone's clothes when they came inside at the end of the night than I did the whole time we were outside!

I had planned to put a hose barb on it for my oxygen line, but slipped it on over the cannula and it worked just fine; my numbers stayed up well and I had a great night watching everyone light things. I used to take turns, but had thought those days were over as I don't exactly move like I used to.

My older nephew had other ideas, however! He acquired a few feet of slow burning fuse and laced it to the "finale", so I could go out and light it and have plenty of time to come back to my chair, sit and recover before it went off. In fact, it burned a bit slower than anyone thought it would and it took about 10 minutes before it finally did go off, lol! It was nice to still be a part of things!

Fed-Ex just dropped me off the rotors and front brake pads for Dottie's Malibu; I know what I'll be doing on her next day off! Hers are warped, the originals and I could have them turned, but then they'll tend to overheat which will make them warp again. These are better steel, slotted and drilled so they run cooler, and a very nice set of ceramic pads as well. Between that, rotating her tires, and a set of spark plugs her car should be good for another 100,000.

I hope life is being kind to each of you who still find your way here!