Wednesday, August 29, 2007


After I came home and read my e-mail I tried to blog-hop around and visit most of you. I should have been trying to put together a router table, but I'm sure it will still be waiting for me tomorrow, or tomorrow night!

I've been picking up some tools of late with building some furniture in mind. Dad had a radial arm saw he could make do most anything, but my brother-in-law got it when Dad died. In digging back through some of Dad's books I've figured out that there is a lot a guy can do with a router that Dad did with his Dewalt, and if I'm lucky I can get away with my new circular saw and a good rip guide for the major cuts I need to make, at least for a while.

This old house has some places you can put shelves and such for storage, but not in a size you are going to buy anywhere. Dottie wants some kind of doors on anything like that to keep dog hair and dust out; with the router I should be able to cut tracks for sliding doors.

I've also thought it might be nice to build some things that might still be around when I'm gone; I have cabinets and things that Dad made 40 years ago...

Dottie used to tell me it would be nice to build a grandfather clock for each boy's family; I went and priced the one that Dad bought back in the early 70's and got a real case of sticker shock!

Maybe a couple of wall clocks instead!


Humpday...sometime's I wonder whether I'm over it or it's over me, but I looked in the Union paper that just came out for the month and didn't find my name in the obits, so I guess I shouldn't complain!

Yes, I actually looked...


Monday, August 27, 2007

watching the wheels go round and round...

Up a little bit ago to find out that Gonzales has deserted ship at the Justice Department...not that I really expect that to change much, just a new round of review and stalling on all those documents everyone keeps asking for.

Friday afternoon I ended up with a grandson I hadn't planned on, as Noel had a doctor's appointment and Caleb and I kept each other company while they were gone. It was a nice treat on a workday!

I got up Saturday and we took Dillon out to the park along with his bike and mine. When we started he was complaining about having to wear his helmet because it makes him sweat and no one else does. I pointed out to him that I always do...along with a pair of gloves as I'm allergic to "road rash". About a half hour later he managed to flip himself off his bike and to a face plant onto the asphalt at between 15 and 20 as he was trying to pedal away from me. He landed on the right side front of his helmet and it made a very sickening "thwock" sound as he hit, but the only damage was a skinned knee. Suddenly he's decided he likes that helmet a lot! On the way home I pointed out 3 couples on Harleys alongside us and asked him "who's smart and who isn't"? After he looked for a second he decided that the one couple that were wearing helmets were the smart ones.

Not that I used to in my motorcycle days, except when I had to!

After we ate lunch his parents came to pick him up, and John figured out that his Caravan had shelled the right front outside disc brake pad. He went home to price parts and see if they were in stock; Dottie and I went to shop and run the weekly errands as I hadn't done them on Friday, and Penney's had kids clothes on sale so it was a good time to shop for Caleb's birthday this next month.

By the time we were done it was 9:30 when we stuck some shrimp in the oven for dinner and sat down to watch a bit of TV.

Sunday we went to an early show of "Stardust". One we'll be buying the week it comes out on DVD. I pointed out how badly the critics were slamming it the other day, and how well it rated on the IMDB; I think the critics must not have stayed for the whole movie...I remember seeing some tapes on sale in the old days of VHS that were Siskel and Ebert's review tapes and they cut a 3 hour Tom Cruise movie down to 5 minutes.

Sunday afternoon before John came I rebuilt the dripping faucet in the bathroom, then at 4 when he arrived Dottie started dinner while he and I started on his brakes. At 6:30 the van was done and we were sitting down to eat; not bad for a set-up I hadn't seen before ("they're all the same, they're just a little bit different" I remember an old instructor telling me once 25 years ago).

After dinner while Noel and the kids finished watching "Escape from Witch Mountain" he and I took it out for a test drive and he got to feel the new pads seat in; perhaps when I'm gone he'll not be afraid to do his own or help his brother when the time comes. I had bought a new tool set for seating the piston back in the brake caliper, after having used a large "C" clamp for years; it worked well and with the brake jobs I have left to do in my lifetime and those that will follow, it was well worth the $20 I spent for it!

Off to gather the trash and get ready for the start of another work week. I hope the weekend was kind and Monday was as well!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wiped out...

when I drug myself in last night, so I didn't write the update I'd intended.

I burnt my first vacation day in quite a while on Tuesday. Dottie was off, but since she has been trying to get all of her "annual" doctor visits done, she had an 11 o'clock with the orthopedic practice that did her hip and knee joints; that let me sleep in 'til 1 and actually get 8 hours after my 10 hour shift the night before. I let my physicals go sometimes as the doctor bills ebb and flow, but since she lost her kidney 5 years ago, her bloodwork is critical, plus she needs refills on her blood pressure medication. When she had the hip and knee done they told her they needed to do annual follow ups on that as well; now 5 years out they said she's doing so well they'll make it 18 months. All she has left now is her mammogram and another year is comlete.

After we ate, we finally made it out to catch the "Transformers" movie we had been putting off because at 2:23 it was a bit long to catch before I went to work on her days off. Good movie! Never thought a robot movie would have me in tears...(I keep telling you I'm easy!)

We picked up some barbecue on the way home and settled in with one we missed in the theatre but had purchased; "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock. Somewhat what I expected, somewhat not; very good movie and the "extras" on the disc were really good. There is a long piece about people who have this gift/curse in real life...

After she went to bed I ran laundry and watched the 3rd "Ghose in the Shell" movie: "Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society". Every bit as good as the first two movies or any of the mangas!

My first "graphic novel" was "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" and it's sequel, having been drawn in by the movie. I never thought at almost 50 I'd start reading them! Somewhere during that I saw a reference to the first "Ghost in the Shell" movie, and one of the cable networks was running the first TV series based on it. Even though I jumped in mid-series, I was hooked. The movies and books are written with so many layers of things I can see coming in the not so distant future, they make you think for weeks and months afterwards.

So here it is, late Thursday afternoon, I'm halfway through my first cup of coffee, and my week is pretty much gone! Tomorrow I run the errands and shop as we are trying to "borrow" one of the grandkids to spend the night tomorrow night, and Sunday we're going to try to make an early show of "Stardust". Despite some of the things that have been written about it, it's still ranking 8.2/10 with 6,267 votes on the IMDB so that's always a better indicator for me as to what's worthwhile or not!

As I've been clicking back and forth to link movies, I see Bill Murray got in trouble for a golf cart! I'm here enough I tend to read their news page the five days a week it updates.

So, down to two hours before I go out the door; time to "get moving"! May Friday and the weekend be kind to you all, and hopefully I'll drift through to see you all Sunday night, late!


Monday, August 20, 2007

A New Atti "Tude"

Someone I really admire has put together a news site; hopefully you will all think as highly of it as I do...

I wasn't going to post tonight, but when I saw this I just couldn't resist!

I borrowed this from YouTube after I found it on Hill's new place...funny how he had it right then!

So did he have a dumb implant, or???

Hope the weekend was kind, and that those of you in hurricane country are spared a visit from Dean! Since New Orleans hasn't been put back together yet, I don't want anyone else standing in line!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15

72 years ago today one of our brightest minds was lost. He could change opinions using nothing but words and wit; he could have been President easily enough had he wanted to.

Always curious, he tagged along when another Oklahoman was exploring freight routes over the North Pole, and on August 15, 1935 they lost their lives at Barrow, Alaska.

I used these quotes in a post over a year ago, but they are timeless, perhaps even poignant given our present circumstances.

Thank you, Will Rogers!

"Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do."

"About all I can say for the United States Senate is that it opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation."

"Alexander Hamilton started the U.S. Treasury with nothing, and that was the closest our country has ever been to being even."

"Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate; now what's going to happen to us with both a House and a Senate?"

"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for."

"On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does."

"Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke."

"I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him "father."

"Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators."

"Things in our country run in spite of government, not by aid of it."

"This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer."

"Why don't they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth."

This last one I have to paraphrase, but the same gentleman once asked:

"If the opposite of pro is con, then the opposite of progress is...?"

All quotes from Will Rogers, Nov. 4, 1879 - Aug. 15, 1935


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The hours grow longer...

We finally hit 9.7 tonight. I left for work at 4:30PM; I got home at 3:30AM.

Little sister's 48th went well, thanks mostly to Dottie. Mom used to cook a birthday dinner for each of us; after her MS started getting worse, I started cooking for Cindy. Usually something of my choosing. What she's really wanted all these years is pot roast the way Mom used to burn it...

So Dottie volunteered to cook it for her; 4 chuck roasts and it still wasn't enough for everyone to have seconds, though there was enough for Cindy to have leftovers for herself and her family the next day. I got up and shopped on Friday on 6 hours sleep, then between getting Mom picked up at the nursing home and getting there early enough to start the 4th roast (Dottie cooked 3 the night before) I got 4 hours on Friday night before it was time to get up Saturday morning.

Cindy was truly shocked at her gifts; it seems she had completely forgotten her Amazon list, lol!

Sunday we went to see the 3rd Bourne movie (4 thumbs up) and shopped our way home. That night I cooked pork chops and fried mushrooms and we watched "Bubba Ho-tep". I picked it up at Borders on Friday while I was running errands, as I had wanted to see it (Ossie Davis is a favorite) and had never seen it at the rental store...very glad I picked it up! Dottie had some qualms about watching a movie set in a nursing home, since she works in one, but laughed enough that I was forgiven by the end.

Thank you all for your kind words and your encouragment as I try to work these new hours and still have some kind of life!

10 'til to bed!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just to end the week with a smile...

one of the funniest things that's hit my inbox in a while! This came from a teacher friend; I'm not sure where she found it...I blanked the state name...

These are real excuse notes written by parents in a ********* school
district. Spelling and punctuation were left intact.

1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please execute him.

2. Please exkuce lisa for being absent she was sick and i had her shot.

3. Dear school: please ecsc's john being absent on jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33.

4. Please excuse gloria from jim today. She is administrating.

5. Please excuse roland from p.e. for a few days. Yesterday he fell out of a tree and misplaced his hip.

6. Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hurt in the growing part.

7. Megan could not come to school today because she has been bothered by very close veins.

8. Chris will not be in school cus he has an acre in his side.

9. Please excuse ray friday from school. He has very loose vowels.

10. Please excuse pedro from being absent yesterday. He had diahre dyrea direathe the sh**s.

11. Irving was absent yesterday because he missed his bust.

12. Please excuse jimmy for being. It was his father's fault.

13. I kept billie home because she had to go christmas shopping because i don't know what size she wear.

14. Please excuse jennifer for missing school yesterday. We forgot to get the sunday paper off the porch, and when we found it monday. We thought it was sunday.

15. Sally won't be in school a week from friday. We have to attend her

16. My daughter was absent yesterday because she was tired. She spent a weekend with the marines.

17. Please excuse mary for being absent yesterday. She was in bed with gramps.

18. Gloria was absent yesterday as she was having a gangover.

19. Please excuse brenda. She has been sick and under the doctor.

20. Maryann was absent december 11-16, because she had a fever, sorethroat, headache and upset stomach. Her sister was also sick, fever an sore throat, her brother had a low grade fever and ached all over. I wasn't the best either, sore throat and fever. There must be something going around, her father even got hot last night.

Little sister's birthday is Saturday, and hopefully Sunday Dottie and I are going to slip out early and see Jason Bourne; may the weekend be kind to each of you!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

May my grandchildren...

live to see a world where people talk instead of kill each other!

My words, posted here. Please click if you have a few minutes...


Monday, August 06, 2007

And so it begins!

New schedule this week; 10 hour days, and start time for the line moves to 5pm. I slept a bit later today knowing I'll be driving a 16,000 pound machine through narrow aisles with people running out in front of me at 3am. Hopefully I can settle into a sleeping schedule that still allows me to get something done!

It's not that my wallet won't appreciate the hours, and it's not that I won't mind that they can only schedule a half dozen Saturdays a year while we're on this schedule, but when you come home at 4 in the morning and take a shower you don't even have time to watch some TV or something if you plan on getting up by even 1 in the afternoon with a decent night's sleep. I've never been one to function well on less than 8 hours, though I can do it for a few days, it rapidly catches up with me.

So up at 2 this afternoon; it's 98 outside and the heat index is 110. I should b piecing in some of the wood around the eaves of the garage to get it ready to paint, but the idea of going out there right now doesn't much enthuse me!

If I'm even more erratic than I have been of late visiting you all, please bear with me while I try and settle in to these hours!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

OK, that didn't work, lol!

My sister sent me a .gif of "Alfred E. Neuman" that morphed into "W." and I tried to post it, but it didn't morph anymore when I did...sorry, I tried!

So instead I'll just thank you all for the kind words on the photo post below, sip my cappucino and try and slip outside to work before the heat of the day rolls in!