Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wiped out...

when I drug myself in last night, so I didn't write the update I'd intended.

I burnt my first vacation day in quite a while on Tuesday. Dottie was off, but since she has been trying to get all of her "annual" doctor visits done, she had an 11 o'clock with the orthopedic practice that did her hip and knee joints; that let me sleep in 'til 1 and actually get 8 hours after my 10 hour shift the night before. I let my physicals go sometimes as the doctor bills ebb and flow, but since she lost her kidney 5 years ago, her bloodwork is critical, plus she needs refills on her blood pressure medication. When she had the hip and knee done they told her they needed to do annual follow ups on that as well; now 5 years out they said she's doing so well they'll make it 18 months. All she has left now is her mammogram and another year is comlete.

After we ate, we finally made it out to catch the "Transformers" movie we had been putting off because at 2:23 it was a bit long to catch before I went to work on her days off. Good movie! Never thought a robot movie would have me in tears...(I keep telling you I'm easy!)

We picked up some barbecue on the way home and settled in with one we missed in the theatre but had purchased; "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock. Somewhat what I expected, somewhat not; very good movie and the "extras" on the disc were really good. There is a long piece about people who have this gift/curse in real life...

After she went to bed I ran laundry and watched the 3rd "Ghose in the Shell" movie: "Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society". Every bit as good as the first two movies or any of the mangas!

My first "graphic novel" was "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" and it's sequel, having been drawn in by the movie. I never thought at almost 50 I'd start reading them! Somewhere during that I saw a reference to the first "Ghost in the Shell" movie, and one of the cable networks was running the first TV series based on it. Even though I jumped in mid-series, I was hooked. The movies and books are written with so many layers of things I can see coming in the not so distant future, they make you think for weeks and months afterwards.

So here it is, late Thursday afternoon, I'm halfway through my first cup of coffee, and my week is pretty much gone! Tomorrow I run the errands and shop as we are trying to "borrow" one of the grandkids to spend the night tomorrow night, and Sunday we're going to try to make an early show of "Stardust". Despite some of the things that have been written about it, it's still ranking 8.2/10 with 6,267 votes on the IMDB so that's always a better indicator for me as to what's worthwhile or not!

As I've been clicking back and forth to link movies, I see Bill Murray got in trouble for a golf cart! I'm here enough I tend to read their news page the five days a week it updates.

So, down to two hours before I go out the door; time to "get moving"! May Friday and the weekend be kind to you all, and hopefully I'll drift through to see you all Sunday night, late!



HAR said...

I hope you get to spend that time with your stolen granchild ;)

I read that about Bill Murray too. It seems that he was in Sweden and driving on a golf cart at 3:00 in the morning.

I know this is probably politically incorrect but I was laughing my ass off anyway.

robin andrea said...

I'm always impressed by your movie knowledge and range of interests. We can go months without selecting a film from Netflix, and it's been years since Roger and I actually stepped foot into a theater. I'm glad I get to read all about it here.

Hope you have a good weekend, and that your grandkid spends some time with you and Dottie.

ConnieJane said...

Kansas City BBQ...yummmmmy!

Heidi said...

I saw premontion when it came out..I might have to rent it because I spent most of the movie just staring at Julian Mac...I'm a huge NipTuck fan.

Have a great weekend Alan.

Barbara said...

That reminds me that I'm due for a "tire rotation" soon too. (grin)

Just had to stop in an visit you today. I'm out of town tending to my mom in the hospital and really needed to connect with a friend. Thanks!

Von Krankipantzen said...

Have a fantastic weekend. I won't say a relaxing one as I know that just ain't gonna happen. 'Specially with a grandkid.

The Transformers movie never interested me but since you found an emotional level to it I might have to give it a peek.

kath said...

well... I added Premonition to my list of rentals...I am thinking about signing back on with Blockbuster online.....

Sorry that I have been out of touch... trust that I think of you and hope all is well with your wonderful family!