Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The hours grow longer...

We finally hit 9.7 tonight. I left for work at 4:30PM; I got home at 3:30AM.

Little sister's 48th went well, thanks mostly to Dottie. Mom used to cook a birthday dinner for each of us; after her MS started getting worse, I started cooking for Cindy. Usually something of my choosing. What she's really wanted all these years is pot roast the way Mom used to burn it...

So Dottie volunteered to cook it for her; 4 chuck roasts and it still wasn't enough for everyone to have seconds, though there was enough for Cindy to have leftovers for herself and her family the next day. I got up and shopped on Friday on 6 hours sleep, then between getting Mom picked up at the nursing home and getting there early enough to start the 4th roast (Dottie cooked 3 the night before) I got 4 hours on Friday night before it was time to get up Saturday morning.

Cindy was truly shocked at her gifts; it seems she had completely forgotten her Amazon list, lol!

Sunday we went to see the 3rd Bourne movie (4 thumbs up) and shopped our way home. That night I cooked pork chops and fried mushrooms and we watched "Bubba Ho-tep". I picked it up at Borders on Friday while I was running errands, as I had wanted to see it (Ossie Davis is a favorite) and had never seen it at the rental store...very glad I picked it up! Dottie had some qualms about watching a movie set in a nursing home, since she works in one, but laughed enough that I was forgiven by the end.

Thank you all for your kind words and your encouragment as I try to work these new hours and still have some kind of life!

10 'til five...off to bed!



robin andrea said...

I don't know how you do it, alan. You pack more into one day than I do in a month. You have incredible resilience and stamina. I do hope you find time to sleep a good long night.

Von Krankipantzen said...

Despite the brutal work hours it sounds like you are still getting a lot of social stuff in. Good for you! Sleep can wait.*

* This is coming from a person who can never get enough sleep. ;-)

HAR said...

I need some of Dottie's pot roast.

Green tea said...

Ah the beloved birthday celebrations.
We use to go out to eat for everyone's birthday, but then as the family grew we had to end that..Next Sunday we will celebrate several birthday's at once at my daughters.
It will be a big one, as she invited extended family.

If I am not too morose on Monday I may blog about it. :D