Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation rising!

Since my "model change" at work was Tuesday night and I had old parts to pull from the line, racks to set and new parts to set during the "gap" we decided I needed my wits about me and so instead getting up early, we slept 'til noon. We went and voted (local issues) and then I took the vent fan in the bathroom down to see if I could fix it instead of replacing it; so far I won!

So, at work anyway, it's 2008 now! Strange thought...

Friday we set things so the construction people can work while we are off for two weeks. I'm looking forward perhaps even to an "early out"!

Dottie has taken vacation days to cover what should have been her work days so she will be off for this two weeks as well. Last year we had our 4th of July family celebration here and then went to Vermont to spend the rest of it with her family. I wish we were again this year, but instead I need to roof my garage and there are lots of other things to be done here. If I am lucky I will get a line wet somewhere between all of them!

During the 2nd week we are going to Branson for a couple of days; we haven't been since 1983. We were there with my Dad that spring for the last "family vacation" the way we used to do them before his cancer put him in the hospital; then later in the year her Mom came out from Vermont to visit and we went back because she really wanted to see the Ozarks though she was dying from lung cancer at the time. She got some time on the lake, and we took her to Silver Dollar City; though we pushed her in a wheelchair through the park, she rode every ride! She and Dottie also got a flight in a helicopter over the city and out over Table Rock Lake. Her Mom had been a mechanical engineer for Pratt and Whitney during WW2, laying out assembly lines and hiring for them, among other things. She truly loved that helicopter ride, not only for the beauty of the country, but the appreciation of the aircraft as well!

It's going to be very strange going back there again; I know enough things have changed that the memories won't be quite so vivid, but having spent every summer there from 1967 to 1983 with the exception of the years I was in California (even making one from there the summer after Dottie and I were married) I have a lot of memories...

The first time I saw Silver Dollar City it was one block square; you parked in front of the "1881 hotel"; it was free and it cost a quarter to go down into Marvel Cave! It was early 1962, and Dad had rented a camper for the back of his 1961 Ford pickup to see if "camping" was something we could all enjoy. We spent a few days at Roaring River State Park and then went to Branson and stayed at "Stormy Point" campground...

That fall, my sister and I were amazed to see this place we had just been show up on television. They were calling it "Bug Tussle" and it was supposedly where "The Beverly Hillbillies" had come from.

So, 45 years later, I guess we'll see what it looks like now!

Anyway, with Dottie off my time here will become scarce; I hope you all forgive me!

Thinking of you all!


Monday, June 25, 2007

A Great Weekend!

Though things didn't go quite as planned, lol!

Bill showed up at 12:30 Saturday, he ate and then we went to go get his licenses. Our impeccable timing meant that the guy who works the sporting goods counter at Wal-Mart was on lunch, and it took a half hour just to get someone to come to the register, after repeatedly having different people page someone. The two that finally showed up had no idea how to fill out licenses...

Back home, hook everything up; it was 3 by the time we hit the water and Bill wanted to be home by 7, and wanted to wash the sunscreen off before he got in his car, so we were off the water at 5. Still, a couple of hours is better than none!

Sunday I got up and re-rigged some rods and reels and then took this boat out by myself for the first time. It has been a pain to get off and on the trailer, sometimes requiring two of us, but I've gotten a better handle on it each time, and pulled it off flawlessly yesterday. Fished 'til 7; when Dottie got off work at 5:30 she went home and stuck a lasagna in the oven and took her shower; by the time she was done and cooled off, I was home and got through the shower just in time to eat.

Back to work tonight for the last 5 days before our summer vacation; she's off tomorrow, though I have to work. Perhaps an early movie...I need to go see what's playing.

Hope you all had great weekends!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Past the blues...

Father's Day really got to me this year. Having my Dad miss out on the years he looked forward to most and worked for his whole life was really bothering me these last few weeks.

My sons don't remember him at all, or Dottie's Mom who died in '84, a year after Dad. Dottie's Dad had passed on even before that.

Anyway, sorry about the blues!

We're to that part of the year when it gets warm enough Dottie doesn't really want to fish in the afternoons; I'm too old to go to work on 4 hours sleep, so instead of trying to fish early on her day off today and then nap, I got up early and we went to see the "Silver Surfer". Better than I expected! And it's always a treat to see Stan Lee get a bit of screen time!

Dottie works this weekend; Bill is coming in from Lawrence tomorrow and if the weather cooperates he's going fishing with me; if it doesn't I'll be going alone on Sunday. It was hard not to try to slip out for a couple of hours before work one day this week, but as much as it rained this evening I'm glad I mowed instead!

Two weeks off coming up the beginning of July; our annual holiday shutdown. Besides the 4th of July and some fishing, if the weather cooperates I need to replace the roof on my garage. Dad and I put the last one on it in needed it last year, but I didn't have a way to haul off the 3 old ones I have to take off to start over. Renting a dumpster would have cost as much as the roof! (It's not a very big garage; Dad built it for his '53 Ford with enough extra width for a workbench.)

Usually July is dry enough we don't have to worry about painting and such, but it's been an odd year so far! Of course, if it rains I can always slip out to the lake between showers! Of course, if it stays dry enough to get the roof done, there's always painting and window putty and...(is there a way to make an infinity symbol here?)


May you all have wonderful weekends!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Before I go out to mow....

and while I listen to something beautiful from a friend for the 3rd and 4th times...

I had planned to write a post for last Sunday before "the whirl" caught up with me. Something about the last Father's Day I got to spend fishing with my Dad 25 years ago. Something about figuring out when I was out with John and Dillon last weekend that John is a year older now than I was when I lost Dad, and that Dillon is almost 4 years older than John was.

John and Noel went to their 10th high school reunion last Friday night!

I have people coming into work in their "Class of 2002" t-shirts. I graduated in '73...

I don't know whether to feel old, lucky, blessed or cursed!

I suppose a bit of each is in order, like most things...

But before it rains some more, the lawn is calling!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Better than I deserve...

was how I would describe my Father's Day!

Sorry about the lack of updates...between the "whirl" of life and overtime at work, the hours seem to be disappearing quickly! This last week it was announced that they are cancelling the rest of the Saturdays for the year because starting in August our start time moves to 5 pm and we will be working 10 hour days, 5 days a week until further notice. (That's 3:30AM to us!)

So I'm glad to have my weekends back, but not quite sure how tired I'll be when I get there!

After I was here last I did get the lawn mowed and the trimming done (thank goodness as it's storming again today). Thursday I spent putting the sonar transducer back on the transom of the boat as I ripped it off Tuesday evening when we bumped over a floating log. Friday we found out that my younger son's 10th reunion was that evening and we were keeping Talia and Caleb overnight while Dillon went to my sister's house, so I did all of the shopping that afternoon before work. Though I had to work on Saturday, after we were all up and around we took the two of them to a sporting goods store they hadn't been to; both of them had great fun petting the deer and turkey decoys, and playing in the open bins of plastic worms...

After my shift that night we watched a bit of one of the DVD's that was part of my Father's Day then went to bed "early" (for me, around 2:30). Dottie has been fighting a wicked cold for over a week now (refusing to pay for a doctor's visit has probably cost us it's equivalent in over the counter medicine, and finally she's giving up and going to see someone after her shift this evening). It's already getting warm enough here that the heat bothers her, and I knew it would be 90 by noon yesterday, so instead of fishing I got up at 9 and we went to an early show of "Ocean's 13". Good movie; four thumbs up, lol!

Bass Pro is right across the freeway from the theatre, and I planned on spending $20 there the next time I was out that way; Dottie put some things in the basket as well, and by the time we were through watching them feed the fish and rang out it was over $70.

She has been trying to talk my into combining down my tackle boxes into a bag and tray system, so we went by Cabela's on the way home to look at one that was on sale. It would take up as much room as what I'm using now so we decided to think a bit longer about that. By then the muffin and coffee we had for breakfast was worn off, and since it was Father's Day I got to pick lunch, and I love McDonald's chocolate shakes and hadn't had one for a very long time...

We got home a bit after 3; Bill and Laura were supposed to come at 4 and John and Noel were supposed to come for dinner later in the evening. Laura is working this summer and taking 4 classes, so we haven't seen much of her or Bill of late. They kept saying pick something to watch, so I put in a movie I bought last week (one of those I remember from childhood and couldn't resist when it jumped in my cart at Costco; Betty Grable and Dan Dailey from 1950 in "My Blue Heaven"). We were 2/3 of the way through it when the phone rang and it was John saying the battery in his minivan had died and he needed a jump start. He said he was in front of a place in the shopping district in Johnson County that I know sells batteries (NTB), but it was 5:30 on a Sunday so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought perhaps they were closed. I got cables out of my truck, Bill and Laura insisted on going along "for the ride" (the wheels are turning, you know...)

When I pull in to where we were supposed to meet, I could see the doors were open to the NTB shop; John was standing not in their parking lot but Olive Garden's, so I went ahead and pulled Dottie's Malibu into their handicapped parking, making him walk back around to the front of the restaurant...where of course, he said they had all been plotting this all week.

Though I had pretty much surmised as much, it was still a nice treat! Very seldom as schedules get busier and busier can we all get away for a few hours for anything! With Laura taking classes and working odd shifts, it's gotten even harder, so I was very grateful for the time with them all!

The funniest part was after dinner when we went to leave and Talia asked "was I going to fix their van now"? Though she was riding in it when John called me, she was still convinced it was really broken!

May her honesty never come back to haunt her like mine has me sometimes through the years!

I hope you all forgive me for the lack of visits of late; the few times I got here this last week I booted my Opera browser (loads quicker, has most of my bookmarks and it's the one I use for paying most things because no one bothers writing viruses for it). Since the "new" Blogger came around, I can read all of your blogs in it, and update my own; some of them I can comment on, but other's I can't unless I boot IE. (Oddly, since the "new" Blogger came into being, when I open it in IE, though my blog is in English, the log-in headers are in Cyrillic...hmmmmmmm! I double checked my language preferences to make sure I hadn't moved...oh well!)

I hope all of you are doing well as we approach the midpoint of the year!

Thank you all for your visits and kind words. I think of you all so often as I work my way through another evening...


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a week! :o)

Friday- fished with Dottie.
Saturday- fished with John and Dillon
Sunday- Costco, Sam's, Cabela's and WalMart
Monday- worked
Tuesday- fished with Dottie!

The lawn hasn't been touched in two weeks (not for lack of trying, but we went through one of those raining everyday cycles; the days it didn't, I fished!

We finally ventured an hour south to fish a little lake I had wanted to try yesterday. When we got there we were the only people fishing it; from all the rain the water looked like Mocha...we still caught a few small bass, and learned a bit of the lake. Lots of standing timber in it (lots of lying and floating timber as well; I ripped the sonar transducer right off the back of the hull)!

The rain seems to be holding just west of us again today, so I'm heading out to pick up all the broken (small) limbs and mow before this jungle gets wet again. Tomorrow I'll be putting the transducer back on the boat; Friday will find me running the weekly shopping errands before work. Saturday Dottie is off but I have to work.

I assumed both boys would have plans for Sunday, but Dottie doesn't seem to think so. If they don't, then I'll be grilling steaks and frying mushrooms...

But if they do, you know where to find me!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Sunday afternoon...

I worked Saturday 'til 1AM, made it home and was in bed "early" (2:30) and we got up to go see "Pirates 3" at 10 AM. Enjoyed it thoroughly, 4 thumbs up!

Finally everyone's schedules worked out so after church John and his family met us at Wyandotte and the grandkids got their first ride in a boat. After some preliminary explanations of safety and such, I let John take the helm; the kids were bugging him for a turn at the wheel, so the link above (or coming up) is a video of Talia's turn. (It's just shot with the little digicam I bought, so it's nothing fancy...)

Noel had a migraine, so she and Dottie stayed ashore and found a shady place to hang out and talked; after we loaded up they came back to our house for brats and hot dogs. All in all, a great day; it was almost like packing two days worth into one!


Friday, June 01, 2007

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