Saturday, June 23, 2007

Past the blues...

Father's Day really got to me this year. Having my Dad miss out on the years he looked forward to most and worked for his whole life was really bothering me these last few weeks.

My sons don't remember him at all, or Dottie's Mom who died in '84, a year after Dad. Dottie's Dad had passed on even before that.

Anyway, sorry about the blues!

We're to that part of the year when it gets warm enough Dottie doesn't really want to fish in the afternoons; I'm too old to go to work on 4 hours sleep, so instead of trying to fish early on her day off today and then nap, I got up early and we went to see the "Silver Surfer". Better than I expected! And it's always a treat to see Stan Lee get a bit of screen time!

Dottie works this weekend; Bill is coming in from Lawrence tomorrow and if the weather cooperates he's going fishing with me; if it doesn't I'll be going alone on Sunday. It was hard not to try to slip out for a couple of hours before work one day this week, but as much as it rained this evening I'm glad I mowed instead!

Two weeks off coming up the beginning of July; our annual holiday shutdown. Besides the 4th of July and some fishing, if the weather cooperates I need to replace the roof on my garage. Dad and I put the last one on it in needed it last year, but I didn't have a way to haul off the 3 old ones I have to take off to start over. Renting a dumpster would have cost as much as the roof! (It's not a very big garage; Dad built it for his '53 Ford with enough extra width for a workbench.)

Usually July is dry enough we don't have to worry about painting and such, but it's been an odd year so far! Of course, if it rains I can always slip out to the lake between showers! Of course, if it stays dry enough to get the roof done, there's always painting and window putty and...(is there a way to make an infinity symbol here?)


May you all have wonderful weekends!



Jon-Marc said...

You know what I love about you? The fact that you are so real. And the fact that your life is an open, I mean open blog.

robin andrea said...

I hope you get to do everything you want to do, and most of what you need to do.

puhpaul said...

I'll pray for rain for you. Fish love the rain.


Heidi said...

I'm excited for you that you get to have your 2 weeks vacation very soon! You so deserve it!

kath said...

I love fishing......not for me mind you.. but for dan..keeps him out of the house.

I love the rain too... and we have had a couple of good rains in the week past.

I go back to work for three weeks starting monday....

woe is me.. I have been loving every minute of my time off..
I hope that the rest of your weekend is filled with fun and joy!

Lori said...

We had a quick rain again last night (does it ever end?!) but this morning it is beautifully sunny out.

Hope your weekend is wonderful as well!

JLee said...

Shake off those blues, Alan! The song I'm going to record tomorrow has to do with that.

Hope you're having a great weekend :)

b o o said...

hope your weekend was nice HUGS

Von Krankipantzen said...

My bro is trying to put on a new roof at his place and is about to pop a blood vessel because of all the rain.

But for you the alternative to roofing is fishing so it all will work out alright in the end.