Monday, June 25, 2007

A Great Weekend!

Though things didn't go quite as planned, lol!

Bill showed up at 12:30 Saturday, he ate and then we went to go get his licenses. Our impeccable timing meant that the guy who works the sporting goods counter at Wal-Mart was on lunch, and it took a half hour just to get someone to come to the register, after repeatedly having different people page someone. The two that finally showed up had no idea how to fill out licenses...

Back home, hook everything up; it was 3 by the time we hit the water and Bill wanted to be home by 7, and wanted to wash the sunscreen off before he got in his car, so we were off the water at 5. Still, a couple of hours is better than none!

Sunday I got up and re-rigged some rods and reels and then took this boat out by myself for the first time. It has been a pain to get off and on the trailer, sometimes requiring two of us, but I've gotten a better handle on it each time, and pulled it off flawlessly yesterday. Fished 'til 7; when Dottie got off work at 5:30 she went home and stuck a lasagna in the oven and took her shower; by the time she was done and cooled off, I was home and got through the shower just in time to eat.

Back to work tonight for the last 5 days before our summer vacation; she's off tomorrow, though I have to work. Perhaps an early movie...I need to go see what's playing.

Hope you all had great weekends!



Barbara said...

I want to come and hang out with you. I had an emotionally taxing week and could use a good fishing trip. (grin)

robin andrea said...

That does sound like a good weekend, especially Sunday. Fishing all day, and coming home to a lasagne dinner. Yum.

b o o said...

sounds like a great weekend :) i saw fantastic 4: rise of the silver surfer - he has a great bod :)

hope you see something nice & tell us about it :)

jkp said...

Hey Alan,
Thanks for stopping by, I don't mind at all. You're welcome any time, and thanks. :)
Sounds like fishing was good, I'm pretty jealous actually. Have an awesome summer vacation.

Von Krankipantzen said...

Aaaah! A nice vacay is just what you need to get some quality fishing done. Perfect.