Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Day in the Life...

like that old song title!

3:30AM- Off work!

3:48- Home; pull her car out, my truck in, her car back in.

3:56- Quietly slip through our bedroom to go to basement and swap the stuff in my pockets for the clean bibs I'll wear today and put two pair in the wash so I have enough to get through the rest of the week.

4:05- Back through the bedroom, try to convince dog to stay there and lay on the nice soft carpet instead of following me in hopes of getting a Milk Bone.

4:08- Take a melatonin to try and make sure I can go to sleep ASAP.

4:10- Turn on converter box to try to figure out what's on tonight so I can set up VCR's.

4:20- Wiggle mouse to turn off SETI and start browser then go start dishwasher and close door so it doesn't wake Dottie.

(at various times through this I'm also trying to convince cat to quit "erwauling" so he doesn't wake Dottie up. If the door to our bedroom is closed he yowls; last night if it was open he did as well...)

4:25- Sit down here with 2 slices of raisin bread to go through e-mail, news and a few blogs...

4:45- Print "For Better or for Worse" for Dottie to read this morning.

5:05- Turn SETI back on, put bibs in dryer, brush teeth, go to bed.

Noon- Clock goes off so I can turn on cell for when Dottie calls at lunch. Reset clock for 1PM.

12:10- House phone rings; it's Dottie- I slept through the cell ringing.

1:00- Clock goes off, pop caffeine tab and reset it for 1:30.

1:30- Clock goes off, turn on kettle and reset for 1:42.

1:42- Make latte; discover furnace pilot has blown out, relight, wiggle mouse and settle in here for a bit

2:15- Done with post, time to go out and work on garage 'til between 3:30 and 4, then get ready for work.

Tomorrow is my last work day this week. Several contracts ago we got Veteran's Day off, but they let GM decide which day we actually get to be off...this year it's the 16th. I have 3 vacation days next week as Dottie's birthday is Tuesday; I'll be off even though she has to work as she gave up her Monday and Tuesday to go with me when we went to Wyoming to take Jordan's car up on the flatbed. She is off on Wednesday so she can make the pies for Thanksgiving dinner.

Looking forward to 10 days off work! I'll be in and out, but can't promise anything regular...please be well and may life be kind!



Josephine said...

Hey cool hon, I used to run the SETI programme too :-) Trouble was I was running it on this ageing PC and it just about ground the processor to a halt, so I had to uninstall it :-(

Great concept though. Inspired. You found any alien life forms yet?

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

What a day!

Your house is going to smell so great on Wednesday.
I can't believe that's in a week.

Do we have our seatbelts buckled?

May life be kind to you, as well.
*scratch under the chin for the kittie.

von Krankipantzen said...

10 whole days off? Awesome! I'm thinking of taking melatonin for my insomnia. Does it work well for you? Any side effects?

ryssee said...

Busy life, and busy at really odd times. Wow. And I'm still just plain happy to not give up my weekends and holidays for retail...12 yrs after I left it!
Enjoy the time off and pass on Happy Birthday wishes to Dottie!
Happy Thanksgiving too, if ya don't make it back on for a bit!

JLee said...

OOH, those hours make me hurt just reading about it! What we do to make a living, eh? I had to cover a shift Monday where I get up at 3am and it's hard for me to recover.

ZILLA said...

Happy Birthday to Dottie!

I need a nap now, after your crazy hours.

TEN DAYS OFF!!! WooHOOOO! Have some FUN!

KellyNerd said...

does melatonin really work?

I am having a serious insomnia problem and hate the hangover the sleeping pills from the doc give me ...

By the way I love the name Dottie ... such a sweet feminine name ...

Sassy said...

:-o 3:30 am?! Man, and I thought I got up early at 6:00!

dragonflyfilly said...

so it was YOU who woke me up at 4:00 this morning!!!!!

hey there mister, i miss you too...but in a few months things might be back to normal, and i will be back in the Blogosphere making a nusiance of myself..

cheers for now, Busy Man,

Heidi said...

I used to be at the gym for 5am..How the friggen do u get up that early! You deserve a

{{{{{{ alan}}}}}}}

fineartist said...

Ten days off, ten days off, ten days off!

I've been chanting five days off, five days off, five days off, for a week now, because as of Tuesday of next week I'll have five days off.

Could we be any more tickled? I think not.

love ya, mean it,

ConnieJane said...

Ten days off, holiday season... awesome!