Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cover up your mirrors...

and maybe your eyes as well!

My idea for an alternative title was "My Halloween Mask"

I needed a current photo for something "Zilla" cooked up and figured if I could send it to her, I could put it here as well!

I used to buy Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer stamps, but when postage went up a couple of years ago they quit making the Prostate Cancer ones. I'll put them on anything I mail; my wife doesn't think they are appropriate for some things...

I don't think cancer is appropriate for anyone!

It's been a few years since I heard numbers, but they used to say that one in 9 women would get breast cancer, 1 in 10 men would get prostate cancer; but that 1 in 15 men will get breast cancer as well!

I think for what we've spent in Iraq we could probably cure cancer; have health care for most if not all of us; have a real education system that paid teachers what they are worth; pay for college for anyone that qualifies and most likely have some money left over!

Instead, we've been propping up the next dictator we'll have to lock up and execute because he didn't do what we wanted...

Speaking of government policy...

Remember when W. said that global warming was just junk science?

We had more and later rain than usual this year, but that doesn't explain that on the 4th of November my tree that is usually bare by the 2nd week of October is still in full leaf and just starting to turn, or the lush green lawn that is in desperate need of mowing! Normally my mower gets used to mulch leaves one last time just before or after Halloween and that's it 'til around March.

Not this year!

Junk science my ass!

Forgive my language...please?



ZILLA said...

I was noticing the same thing here in the northwoods ... the oaks and the poplars, especially, just won't let go! We have snow in the forecast this week, but all I've seen is sleet and rain. Let's see ... I was working at the University of Michigan Biological Station in 1981, and that was the summer I first heard of scientists measuring greenhouse gasses, and they were doing it right where I lived, and discussing it in the dining room where we all ate breakfast lunch and dinner. If I learned anything that summer, it's that it's just a plain bad idea to argue with data.

Data doesn't lie.

ZILLA said...

Oof! Where are my manners? THANK YOU for contributing to my prostate project! Cancer is a dirty word! We need to get comfortable talking about men's health! Thank you!

ConnieJane said...

My theory is that there probably is a cure for cancer but it would severely hurt the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, therefore not available at this time. Chemotherapy poisons remain readily available however, as well as the drugs to battle patients side effects.

Global warming? Not if you're in the oil business...
Black gold, Texas T.

Joonie the Too said...

I live in southwestern Pennsylvania and there are still leaves on our trees. Normally this time of year we would be raking leaves like crazy, but instead of the drone of leaf blowers, I hear the drone of lawn mowers. The kid next door who does the lawns is having a great year.

Cold front moving in from Canada, might bring snow flurries. About time.

Lane in PA

alan said...

We had an "October surprise" snowstorm a few years ago that hit when my tree and many others were at about half-leaf. Entire neighborhoods were without power for days because of the damage the falling trees and limbs caused.

Now it's November and I'm truly worried! Here we tend to get more ice than anything, and it's not going to take much to cause a real nightmare!


Joonie the Too said...

I figured out how to add you as a link to my blog.

whoo hoo! Climbing the Learning Curb.

Found a photo of the haunted house. Now I am jazzed.

ryssee said...

Can't say much more than that to your post, and no cancer stuff thank goodness, other than that my Massachusetts garden is still thriving with summer flowers, and I fully expect to post "My Flowers in November" without many differences than October. Usually we are leafless and flowerless by now.

msliberty said...

Hi Alan,

So nice to come to your blog and see a picture of you!

Thank you so much for your comments on my poem.

The media reported on the crime, but made no mention of the fact that it was hate-motivated. So I wrote to everyone I could think of and insisted that they ask the most essential journalistic questions.

Anyway, thanks again for your visit. You are welcome anytime.

Barbara said...

You are a beautiful man and I love your vision of how the world should be. If I were Barbarella, Queen of the Universe, that's how I'd have it to.

CrackerLilo said...

I'd rather see a prostate cancer stamp than hear that a man I loved died of prostate cancer, that's for damn sure.

robin andrea said...

alan-- it's so great to see your face! You look so healthy and good. I think if ruling elite of our country were serious about anything other than oil and war, we'd be on a path to solve all the problems of the world rather than contributing to them.

Puffer said...

I like ur picture
Wow the tree still has a lot of leaves
our global warming consists of rain, rain and more rain.
happy day

ryssee said...

HEY! I just noticed you linked my blog to yours. Thank you, that's really nice!
So, I just returned the favor. :-)

Green tea said...

Alan no wonder those kids are so cute. :D

Here In Mpls area, our yards are still green and lush too.
Too bad Ralph Nader/and the Supreme court screwed up the votes in 2000, maybe Al Gore would have put us on a track to saving this planet.

It's not to late if we get some decent leadership next year.

von Krankipantzen said...

First of all, "HI!, you are cute!"

Secondly, I give cancer a swift and sharp kick to the a$$. You are so right, there is never an appropriate time or place for cancer. Well, except waaaaay in the distant past as a not so fond memory when all cancers are totally curable.

Thirdly, the tree thing is freaky, huh? While the majority of the leaves have turned colour here most remain on the tree so far. Still a fair amount of green to be seen.

Have a great weekend.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

What a team player! I was thinking of putting stashes on the kids.
Thanks for the reminder. I need to get my hands on some pink milk.

*The kids just got home. I'm trying to distract myself from all the muckery by spending more time with them. Seems you're doing the same. It's only right. They didn't cause all this mess.

Good seeing you, though.
Here's to happier days that have just GOT to be on the horizon.
Look at those beautiful youngsters in the previous post.
They'll do good things.
Take care!

Mary said...


It has only been in the last week, that we have started having really hard freezes in these parts. I just cleaned my patio off last Sunday and I still had flowers growing It is scary....


HAR said...

I can see your lovely face! Now I know who has been so kind all of these months. Thanks for sharing your picture.

Dr. Deb said...

I love your photo!!

KellyNerd said...

You have the sweetest smile and the kindest eyes.. thanks for sharing a photo!