Sunday, October 30, 2005

and the world spins some more...

Just finished begging my financial advisor(my sister the bank VP) for advice on our refi, as what they told me over the phone bears no resemblance to the papers they sent us. I should have finished the kitchen today and been outside to paint the end of the house by tomorrow to beat the assessor, but after working every day on it before going to work for 9 hours a night, I was told that I had to start over as "the wallboard just isn't working" which meant the wainscot all had to come down, I have to spackle and patch sheetrock (the whole point of the wallboard), paint, rehang the wainscot and trim it all, then paint them as well. Then the last cabinet can go up...
The only bright spots in my week have been the Shaw short stories I've been reading at work, and Pygmalion!
Oh well, off to the grocery, Wal-Mart and Lowe's while the first of the spackle and wood putty set!



nancy =) said...

thanks so much for the comment you left at my really helped to make me feel a little better about my own mom...i hope you keep on blogging...i'll be checking back in...ciao...

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