Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One more way to give/share this season...

Over a year ago a friend sent me a link to a site where you click a set of banners each day, each click raising money for a cause. Since there is also merchandise shown that raises funds for each cause, their hope is that you will buy something on occasion. I have done my daily clicks almost every day since; I've also bought more than a few items for holidays and birthdays, each unique and wonderful. The idea that I'm also contributing to a cause while doing it has delighted both myself and those I gave the gifts to.
Not being the brightest light when it comes to HTML, I'm going to put the URL below, then see if I can paste it into my sidebar...if the whole internet crashes tonight, it's my fault, sorry!


Make sure you scroll down after you click on the first banner to see the other cause banners...if only a few people find time to do this each day it will make so much difference in so many lives! Thank you!!!!


sttropezbutler said...

Hey thanks for that and thanks for stopping by!


Anne Arkham said...

I didn't know such a thing existed. Thanks for the heads up. What a wonderful idea.

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