Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'd rather fight than switch...

if that's what getting into "the New Blogger" is going to be like! Things have been in limbo for a while here!

Hopefully it was just the transition and all will settle down now!

The 2 days of Christmas went well; 1 coat that was too short for Talia and none of the things we bought for my Mom fit (kept telling Dottie 3X, but she didn't believe me). The coat we already tried to exchange, but the only ones left were smaller, so now we get to shop for a different one.

The worst of it was that John only asked for one game, Final Fantasy 12. I bought deluxe editions back in November, the week they came out, and put them away for both boys. Bill and Laura asked for theirs last week as they were on winter break at college; that was fine. Christmas afternoon at his house, John opened his deluxe two disc special edition in the pretty metal case and the game disc was missing!

Needless to say, I was crushed. The only place that sold them was Gamestop; I was there when they opened the next morning, the store I bought it from and was told they were sold out of them and the manager put a used one in our case and couldn't understand why I was upset!

Dottie was livid! I ended up going to another store and buying a 3rd one, giving it to John and keeping the used one...

Speaking of which, I had avoided my PS2 since I hurt myself last year, knowing how many hours I can lose in a good RPG, but last week I picked up one of the games I got last Christmas I hadn't played...I've logged 75 hours at this point...(Dragon Quest 8; I played all of the "old" Dragon Warrior games along with the boys as they were growing up).

Off to run some errands and then meet Dottie at Sears to return Mom's clothes. Border's is across the street and I got a gift card for Christmas...I think I'll be going there while I wait for her to get off work!

Tomorrow I guess I have to re-write my profile, as the half-century mark becomes 51!

I hope all your holidays were wonderful and the New Year brings each of you the joy, happiness and love I wish you all!



puhpaul said...

I can't believe the store tried to pawn a used disc off on you. If it was me, I wouldn't give the store anymore of my business.
I hear what your saying about the "new" blogger. Every time I go to leave a comment on a blog I forget to log in first and wind up having to write the entire comment over again. For some reason my profile says that I am now 250 years old. Wow, and here I am, still 14 years away from retirement.

Have a Happy New Year, paul

Von Krankipantzen said...

I am still a little slow on the up-take but does that mean it is your birthday today?!?!


If I totally missed something then never mind...

alan said...

Yes, it does Stacy...

51 years ago I arrived in this crazy mixed up world! Sometimes I'm not sure I'm doing anything but adding to the confusion!



Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Alan!

And also wishing you nothing but the best for the coming New Year!

Thanks for being my friend when I really needed one!