Thursday, February 22, 2007

The week is rapidly escaping...

and not a bit too soon!

Tuesday I played hooky, my first vacation day of the New Year. It was Dottie's day off, and after a leisurely morning and breakfast, we went down to look at a power plant lake an hour south of here we used to fish, checking the price on their ramp permits and such. The roads to the marina are all paved now; the free ramp at the north end has been redone as well. It was in the mid 50's, and felt like perhaps spring was trying to get it's foot in the door! Since it's a cooling lake for a generating plant the water is a bit warmer there and there were 8 or 10 tow rigs and trailers in the parking lot, though we only saw one boat on the lake.

On the way home I tried to find another smaller lake a friend, now retired, took me to once about 10 years ago. After some backtracking I found it, but by that point it was getting late in the afternoon and plans for movies slipped away in favor going home and fixing dinner.

I got my unemployment paperwork tonight; there are so many of us that the state gave it to the union to give to us rather than try and process us at their office or send people to the union hall like they used to. I'm beginning to look forward to this next week, it's coming at a good time for getting some things done uninterrupted by work!

And though sweet Boo thinks I should be looking pretty good right now, I've actually slipped the other way a bit. Too many things have been going on for me to get my gym time, and the list has seemed endless at times. I'm up about 20 pounds from where I was last fall, but though it's not that many pounds, the inches are scary!

I'm slowly getting a handle on things though, and these down weeks will help. They've told us we'll have another the end of April; by then the boat and trailer should be ready to go and it will be time to take some grandkids fishing!

Hopefully the week is being kind to you all, and the weekend will bring rest and relaxation for you!



kath said...


i missed where you posted about a layoff, i guess...

Dan is a steelworker.. so i am very familiar with that particular challenge.

We live in Pa and in the mid eighties,over 20,000
( yes.. twenty )
people lost their jobs. many lost their home. ( inculding us)

The first six years we were married, he was laid off about half the time. then he took training to be a millwright.

Since that time, he lost jobs due to shut downs or staffing cuts at Domino Sugar, and USAir

It all sucks

the shrub sucks..
I hate him. I have fantasies about him being struck by lightening, and cheny having a heart attack when he ears the news...

i am sorry that you are going through this, and i truly understand.. ambivalent feelings?
time off, yay! no money .. boo!

robin andrea said...

I wonder if I missed the post about the layoff too. Hope you will manage okay through the down time. Nice to hear that spring is on its way there. We've had a few hints of it, but have read there may be snow here again next week. Our iris, crocus, daffodils and hyacinths will be covered. I hope they're ready for it!

robin andrea said...

I meant to say that I have very similar fantasies as Kath's. Something happens to Bush and Cheney drops dead of a heart attack. I wonder how many of us imagine the same thing.

alan said...

Occasionally I let a thought like those creep in, and then immediately worry about generating some kind of Karma for myself, lol!

Thank you for the kind thoughts; so far it's only one week this month and one in April. I've been very lucky these past 5 years, as this is the first of these for us. I do feel very sorry for the 250 "temps" who have been working there up to 3 years who are going out the door...


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Sounds like the weather is thawing by you. I wish there were lakes nearer to me. But I shouldn't complain, the beaches are ten miles in either direction.

Jon-Marc said...

About the fishing thing...some of the strongest and best memories of my childhood are of fishing. In fact it was a great time just my mom and dad and me sitting on the dock, hanging out together. We only fished together as a family maybe three or four times but I really love the memories of those times

b o o said...

i love playing hooky :) i'm sure u look fine, don't be too hard on yourself. HUGS ok?

JLee said...

Alan, get back on that horse! Going to the gym will make you feel better mentally and physically. Of course I need to listen to myself too! ;)

Sandy said...

only a man would say 20 pounds wasn't that many, lol

Sorry about the lay off, is it temporary??