Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And speaking of escaping!

I was released from jury duty and home by noon yesterday. Dottie was off and I got home just as she was leaving in my truck to go the post office, so we had lunch and then ran errands for a bit.

I figured out through the course of events the other day that the shut-off valves I put in 20 years ago had their rubber washers disintigrating and clogging aerators on faucets and the fill-valve on the toilet, so I started in changing those to a newer type that have no washers, a steel "ball valve". By the time I changed all 6, making a parts run in the middle, it was 8 something last night, lol.

Thinking I was done, I carried all my tools back to the garage, we both showered and finally sat down to watch something. Before bed I checked them each, and found a slight drip in one. I placed something under it and in a bit I'll go take all the stuff out of the cabinet and crawl back in to see if I can fix it...

Then I can put everything in the basement back where it started and put my little gym back together!

Still holding at around 280, which is good as I'm not gaining like I would have been had I stopped excercising while I was working (I'm eating less than I did when I was working, and probably least until we stopped at Krispy Kreme yesterday). Hopefully I can start driving that number down again soon!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you!



Chandira said...

Gosh, it's so hard to lose and keep weight off, isn't it? With my 8lbs I lost in the summer, I've put 2 back on already, which doesn't sound much, but it really shows up on me!
Yeah, Krispy Kremes don't help!! ;-) I should know. I'm totally incapable of passing up my Friday morning donut.

Glad you're relaxing a bit more, and getting things together.

Sassy said...

Ugh. Jury duty.

Hope your week is kind!

zilla said...

I once un-registered to vote to escape jury duty. I was a college student, taking an overload of courses, and deans listed that term, so I don't feel guilty in the least.

The allure of Krispy Kreme also escapes me. But, give me peanut brittle and I'll gnosh until it's gone!

Anonymous said...

Jury duty? What fun! I would love to do that just once! Thanks for stopping by my place and checkign in! I have been doing wonderful, just busy... back to blogging now though!

Casdok said...

I would love to do jury duty too!

Well done for not gaining any weight :)

LucyTolliday said...

Everything about Krispy Kreme's so tempting, the smell those concessions give off and the look. Its very hard to resist at times.

JLee said...

Oh you had to go and mention Krispy Kreme. Damn you, Alan! hahah

Green tea said...

I've always wanted to be called for a jury, until I sat through the trial of a drug dealer responsible for selling the heroin that killed my niece.
I actually felt sorry for him, he was just the runner the big guys got a way..

Samantha said...

A good donut in moderation is never a bad thing. Being the Krispy Kreme is about the best, rock on!

Jury duty scares the crap out of me, as do shopping malls, crowds, and people with bad attitudes, so I tend to avoid them.

Plus, my belief system makes it impossible for me to sit in judgment of another person because I am simply not qualified to do so. A cop out? No, I don't believe so. As a Buddhist I believe in kindness and limiting my negative impact in a suffering world. Having that kind of responsibility over someone else's life is counter to my belief system. Were I to find the wrongfully guilty and there by have a hand in condemning them to the horrors that is the US prison system, would increase their suffering. Similarly, wrongfully releasing them so that they can continue to cause others to suffer would similarly be wrong. Ero and thus, it's a no win scenario so I tend to leave it to others. I'm a firm believer in Matthew 7:1-8 despite not being a Christian. That pretty much says it all for me.

Plus, like I say, the system scares me to no end, and when I needed it's help, failed me utterly, thus dramatically increasing my own suffering. Thus, I give it a wide birth... But that's just me.