Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Duck and cover...

Working in the backyard today, stripping the masking from a window and heard two shots, followed by a 3rd that was fainter, but I think the same caliber. I think they were on the cross street below me. Saw the cruiser come down the hill before I had the garage locked...

Give things 20 minutes to settle down; go back out and start in with a razor blade and here 8 in a row, fast, a bit further away.

I had hinted that my neighborhood was "slipping" again; a while back the bridge two blocks down was tagged; then there started being clusters of boys with their "britches" around their knees hanging out in the next block and blocking the street and such.

Then a few weeks ago the break-ins started. Thus my interest in securing my unattached garage while we're going to be away...or even when we're just going out for an afternoon!

We've been through this before and the cycle generally lasts about 8 months 'til someone gets in enough trouble they move on. Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my head down!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you!



Anonymous said...

Its scary when the 'neighbourhood' goes to pot... hehe. ... couldn't resist that one. But seriously it is. My hometown of Port Coquitlam goes through stages like that frequently. I live downtown now in a nice neighbourhood that is not without its problems. I think you and yours have enough good karma coming to you that you will remain safe through this stage. hugs!

CrackerLilo said...

Too frakking eventful a day for you, Alan. *hug* Our neighborhood also goes through rough patches. I hope this one ends for yours *soon*!

Riot Kitty said...

Oh boy!

I can sympathize - I live in what's generally a quiet neighborhood. Then a couple of weeks ago there was a horrible murder story that made national headlines.

Wishing you some more peaceful surroundings.

Anji said...

Even in a 'nice' village like ours the youngsters get themselves into trouble (I've had the gendarmes on the doorstep to see MY son too), then they grow out of it and another generation comes up. Some of the adults aren't too angelic either.

Keep safe

Hawaiianmark said...

Geez man, stay outta harms way!

Hopethe homestead quiets down a ton.


Jess said...

Keeping your head down sounds like a good idea :)

Teresa said...

When I lived in a close-in suburb of Detroit there was often the whup-whup-whup of the police chopper flying over too, spotlight scanning backyards as the cruisers went up and down the streets looking for "someone".
I'm glad to be long gone from there

JLee said...

Oh no!! Be careful Alan and watch out for the baggy britches. ;)

Debbie K said...

I hope you & your beloved family all keep safe.
You of all people really do not deserve to be living under such a threatening situation.
Take care & have a good weekend.

kath said...

Oh Alan, I feel your pain. This was a wonderful, quiet and safe neighborhood when I moved in.
We now have a house where they sell drugs.. its like McD's drive through..

Well, it was, the police came and told the kid that they were watching him, and so he took to the streets instead. Way to solve a problem, eh?

another guy moved in who drinks and is ugly and loud and mean and revs his bike all the time..

The little store two blocks away was robbed ab gunpoint. Now I have to start locking my doors.

zilla said...

You be safe!