Monday, July 06, 2009


of hide is coming along nicely, thank you all who were concerned. It was itching so badly yesterday that after Dottie re-wrapped it I took a couple of Benedryl, slept 6 hours, woke up and took 2 more along with a melatonin and slept 'til 9 this morning. Something like 18 of the last 24 hours...I needed to as I was pretty burnt out anyway!

I had some JP-5 burns (jet kerosene) back in my late teens as I was the smallest jet mech in my squadron and when we had a bunch of fuel cells leaking (coffin-sized rubber bladders under the deck of the helos I worked on) I ended up being assigned to change them as I did a couple that didn't leak afterwards (should have known better) and didn't mind the "buzz" that came from breathing the fumes for hours on end. They assigned a metalsmith to pull the deck, an electrician to pull the wiring and me to pull the lines, the pumps and the bladder itself. The Maintenance Chief also offered up a case of beer for each one we changed that didn't leak...the two guys assigned decided that they'd rather work than do their 15 minutes and sit and listen to me rattling around underneath the deck for a couple of hours, so we started pulling them 3 at a time.

The helos had been defueled, but that doesn't get all of it and the "sump" in the bottom of the bladder always had a bit in it. The first time I came out with a silver dollar sized spot on my dungarees the Chief told me to spray "Right Guard" on it as the aluminum chorhydrate would keep if from blistering and therefore peeling.

Had I only thought of that last week before I went to bed!

It was so hot last week (heat index in the 110's) that when I felt my ankle start to burn, I knew I was 2 hours from done for the night and just ignored it. I should have gone and washed my leg off, but in that heat I wasn't thinking clearly...that was the culmination of too many days in a row in that kind of heat and I really wonder if one's brain doesn't start to cook after a while!

Instead my 2 hours turned to 3; I finished and showered, figuring out it was blistered, but the burn stopped. I went to bed while my nephew and wife sat up watching movies, got up and dressed the next morning without thinking about it and two hours later felt the burn even worse as the top of my sock had taken all the hide off the blister, the skin under it now raw and being ground up by the elastic and the sock rubbing away each time I moved.

I still managed to mow and get things ready for the family 4th celebrations; yesterday was the first day I've managed to avoid socks since this began and plan another for today.

I hope all is well with each of you and none of you are ever so foolish as to not go wash something off when you feel it start to sting!

May the week be kind!



Riot Kitty said...

I try to avoid socks whenever I can :) Glad you are healing!

robin andrea said...

Glad you are on the mend, and good advice.

CrackerLilo said...

You've seen from my gushier posts about athletes that I love watching a man work through pain, but eventually one does need to get the problem attended to. You're tough, but I'm very glad you're on the mend. It was really interesting to read more about your military days, too!

I'm sure you learned a valuable lesson. :-)

And I also hate socks!

ryssee said...

Glad you're on the mend. That looked nasty!

LucyTolliday said...

Hope it continues to get better :)

Sassy said...

Yes, our brains start to cook after a while. Just look at mine!

Chandira said...

Ouch! You weren't kidding, were you??
That looks sore..

fineartist said...

Well we live and learn, and live and learn again. Poor baby.

Glad you get to go sock less, right on, sounds like just what you need to do.

Blisters suck it.

hugs and luvs,

breathethenexhale said...

glad you are healing. your body needed that long sleep to fight off infection so that was a good idea!

Green tea said...

Ouch !!!
Hope they are healed out for infection..

pacificfemme said...

well, my first words upon seeing the pic are not fit to print on your site ;) "ouch dammit" is the pg version :)

just wanted to say hi...hope things are going well mon ami...