Sunday, August 30, 2009


Having caught a cold from the guy I slept with while "on the road" for the funeral (my son) I've been more than a bit under the weather these past few days. Not the usual, perhaps because it's a late summer bug, or early winter given our temps, the mucus isn't the problem, it's just the cough from hell that won't stop until you get halfway through the bottle of syrup...I've been sleeping on the couch (much to my cat's dismay) so I don't disturb Dottie; by the time she gets up I'm "liquored up" enough on Tussin DM to sleep about 2 hours straight in our bed before I wake up and start coughing again. Annoying is the little "squeaky toy" wheeze that wakes me at the end of each breath 'til I get there...

My air compressor blew a hole through the tank 2 days before I left for Vermont; inherited from Dad, it was a 28 year old "Sears Best" that they no longer stocked parts for (the regulator had been leaking for about 5 years and I couldn't get them anywhere else either). Before he died Dad had been assembling a collection of air tools to do bodywork, jitterbugs and air files, etc., that even that 2 horse 220/volt wouldn't quite "pull". If it didn't have other problems I'd have tried to weld the tank up (couldn't make it any worse, lol).

So in a last binge of deficit spending before I return to the workforce, I caught a Craftsman Club sale and bought a 2.5 horse, 150 psi vertical (stands up like your hot water tank) with a 60 gallon tank. I brought it home last week, getting John and Dillon to help me unload it as it weighs more than I do (and that's getting up there). Yesterday, while slipping out for cough syrup, I bought a cord and new outlet to wire it with because I couldn't match the old plug.

I also have to build a manifold system for the "out" side of things; rigid pipe still being cheaper than the fancy plastic systems they sell, I'll pick that up this afternoon after I eat something and down some "non-drowsy" cough syrup. I picked up a filter/water separator and a regulator, as I don't think I have a bit of hose newer than 30 years old and one regulator is cheaper than replacing 150 feet of air hoses right now should I blow them up at 150psi.

Later I'll add a 2nd "drop" and a dryer for spray guns; I painted a few cars "back in the day" and grew up watching Dad do about one a year, if not for himself for someone else, on top of his own touch up work.

He got his first compressor when I was 4. My Mom was pregnant with my sister and had decided she had to learn how to drive (she was 29). While he was at work, she took me and his pride and joy '55 Ford Fairlane to the courthouse for her exam. Somehow she passed it, then on the way home turned a corner "short" and raked it from front wheel to rear on a set of concrete steps...he couldn't afford to pay someone to "do it right" so like so many other things, did it himself. According to her the only reason she came home was because she was pregnant and knew he wouldn't kill her...

Through the years I watched him paint the '47 Studebaker truck he put together from the wrecking yard ($25 with a blown engine) and used to dig the basement under this house I'm sitting in; watched him 2-tone a '55 Chevy for a neighbor's son because he liked the kid and liked the car. I watched him rebuild and paint a '59 Rambler for a nephew he felt was being deprived. He put the front of that same '55 Fairlane back together after he sold it to Mom's Mom after she learned to drive and got hit by someone running a red light. Having promised it to me when I got old enough to drive, I think he felt guilty about having to sell it and had hoped she'd keep it 'til I could drive; it didn't work out that way.

After he moved to that bigger compressor and a bigger spray gun, I used his old ones and painted several myself, my own and others. Though my knowledge is passe at this point (you can still buy lacquer and enamel, but not many people use them because the newer finishes survive abuse so much better), there is still a place inside me that wants to learn how to spray a set of flames...I've got a nephew that can and if I can't learn on my own I may have to twist his arm a bit...

Which is rather funny actually, because not long ago I was cursing because I couldn't lay a straight line of masking tape on a window I was painting!


Enough prattling from me...

May each of your Sundays be amazing and the coming week be kind!



chrissie said...

Those colds can be a real pian.

E had one last winter that gave her a tickly cough for weeks afterwards..

Hope it clears up soon.


Stephanie said...

I have no secret cure for a cold. My grandmother (German decent) would make a chicken soup that was so spicy you claimed you were well so as not to be forced to eat it! Once forced down, it did seem to help.

I made boat lift tanks. Welding seams making them air tight is harder than it woud seem, so be careful once an air tank starts leaking. A friend of mine welded up a seam that was leaking on the end of his old air-compresser tank. It worked fine until one day the entire end blew off cutting off the hand of someone standing close by. Safety first!

CrackerLilo said...

Wow. Even sick, you're getting it done! I've had syrup-drunk, sleeping on the couch nights. Can't do a thing then.

Have you tried an expectorant? It may be down deep in your chest, in your lungs. CVS and Target have good store brands, if that helps any.

This weekend was good. The zoo with my best friend's daughter, gorging on excellent fresh tomatoes, and a bit of storm surfing! I hope your week is kind to you.

alan said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I didn't really trusted my untrained welding skills, have only arc and figured it would blow the seam but hadn't thought about shrapnel!

Thanks for making me feel better about replacing it!


Puffer said...

I hope ur cold gets better fast!

Damienzchance said...

How comforting and wise your words are, as usaul. you are an inspirationn as always!

Green tea said...

A little advice concerning your cold..don't blow your nose to hard
There are repercussions..