Thursday, September 24, 2009

Strange days...

Dottie's surgery went well and she finally got her drain out yesterday. Sadly, the day before our dog of 14 years collapsed, showing all the signs of a stroke. We got her to the vet yesterday, who came out to my son's van and spent a 1/2 hour checking her over and then drawing blood, etc. and he said he hopes it's just an ear infection throwing off her balance and with her already weakened back legs (arthritis) that that's the reason she can't stand or walk. He started her on antibiotics and steroids...he also said if it's a brain tumor the steroids would help with it for a while then things will start slipping again.

Meanwhile, she's eating, drinking and loving all the extra attention.

Gotta go because if I walk away she'll crawl to try and follow me and Dottie's gone right now (the minute the drain came out she was ready to be "out and about") to pay the vet and pick up some canned food for her since she can't seem to deal with the dry she's always eaten and we've been cooking burgers for her on the George Foreman.

May life be kind to each of you!



Chandira said...

Aw!!! I am sorry about the dog!! I know that feeling, Shara went to the vet's with blood in her pee the other day, she's almost 17 now. Sad moments, huh?
Shara's was an infection, so I hope your dog is also doing better on the antibiotics!!

Glad Dottie is doing ok.


Anji said...

I hope it's just a little blip. Perhaps you should open your own little hospital with everyone to look after.

robin andrea said...

Keep us posted on her progress, and hopefully all the news will be good. Glad Dottie is feeling well enough to be out and about.

ryssee said...

If I were Dottie, I'd have been straight out and about too, after being down and out for a week!
Hope your poor pup gets better soon.

CrackerLilo said...

I am so glad Dottie's doing better! Weird that your dog took ill right at the same time. I hope she gets to feeling better, too. (And bless that vet who went out to the van!) My oldest cat, Kurtney, is 15, and I worry about her all the time.

May next week be much kinder to you all!

Penny M said...

Don't let Dottie overdo it! They always think they are further along the road to recovery than they really are.