Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The treadmill to oblivion...

Besides the name of a book I've been meaning to acquire for ages (Fred Allen's autobiography, if that name rings a bell for anyone), it means that finally after almost 2 months I've found my way back downstairs.

I survived 1/3 of the monthly shopping run yesterday (only casualty was my pride, as I drove further to a different wholesale club to get the Hershey's Dark Chocolate bars my wife loves as mine quit keeping them; got out of the truck and put my bifocals on so I could read the list and realized I didn' t have the checkbook). I was waiting for Costco to mail their coupon book to do the seems to come later each month. I'll be going there on the way home from the osteopath's tomorrow.

The knee ached a bit last night, but it wasn't "pain". So today after I'd been up a bit, eaten and taken the anti-inflammatory and let it have a bit to "kick in" I went downstairs and donned the "new" shoes I keep next to the treadmill and started walking...slowly...

I wasn't trying to set any records, only ease back into things. I made it 11 minutes pain free, at 12 it twinged once (possibly I took too long a step) and at about 14 it started to hurt with each step. I stopped, shut things down and after a few minutes to make sure it was OK I came back upstairs.

It's the first time in almost two months the steps haven't hurt coming up. I'm still wary going down; Saturday I went to do laundry and wasn't quite "awake" yet, led with my left and "jammed" it, feeling the bone bruise that's slowly been healing these last few months.

At the Supercenter on Monday (the first 1/3 of the payday trip) I had stopped at the magazine rack; I can't afford them anymore, though every other month I can't help myself and buy one ("Hot Rod Deluxe", with photos and cars I remember from the issues I saw 40 years ago). It wasn't there, but I picked up a copy of something else that caught my eye and stood there while I skimmed their article on men's knees. It spoke of ACL's and the other usual injuries, then had a section on arthritis. It told people about the "partial knee replacement" that Dottie had a few years ago; said to be wary of "scope" surgeries (?) and then ended with a piece that said no matter what, even if it hurts a bit, you have to keep moving because that is what "lubricates" the joint.

So, tomorrow, after the doctors and Costco, we'll see if I can make it to 15 before the "twinge" kicks in.

I haven't really gained since I hurt myself, but I hadn't really lost in over a year, since I hurt my back the last best intentions got caught up in summer and other things and also, I think one of those laws of physics came into play...

Something about objects at rest tending to remain at rest!

It's time for some defiance...

A friend wrote this a while back and it has been weighing on my mind as well; having fought my way from 300 to 200 several years ago and yo-yo'd back to 340, I know well the demon he writes of! I made it down to 270 the 2nd time before I hurt myself a year ago December and have been rather stuck since within 10 pounds of 300...

Where's Excalibur when I need her?

May the week be kind to each of you!



Lori D said...

Well the fact you've not gained is a good sign! If I'm idle for too long the pounds add up!

Thank you, dear Alan, for being such a loving person!

CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad you're moving around and on the treadmill again, even if you do get twinges.

Having been laid up the past couple weeks, I figure I'm okay if I "just maintain" for the moment. I'm glad you maintained.

May your knees be kind! :-)

Keri Renault said...

These days, well into the throes of middle age, my mantra is to accept myself where I am. That means about 15 pounds more than I was just 18 months ago.

But I'm wiser, too. I realize that any exercise is better than none. Moving is better than couch-potatoing. Walking is better than sitting. And so it goes.

Keep moving, enjoying life as you go, Alan. That's a pretty sweet deal, especially compared to the alternative.

Stop 'n smell the roses my friend:) All the best on the road, K

chrissie said...

Just keep things slow, pet...

Give yourself time to heal.

Gentle exercise is far better than nothing, and much much better than trying to pretend that you can jump straight in at the deep-end and carry on as normal.

I made that last mistake a couple of times, so know whereof I speak.


Samantha said...

Having lapsed or two into a nasty sedentary existence I can say with certainty, it does come back. They all say, and having lived it more than once I agree, that one should start slow and work up to things slowly. Do 14 again a time or two before you step it up to 15 or so, then give that time and go from there.

It does get easier as you get back into the flow of things. Once you get really used to 14, you can then work up to 20 or so. Get used to that and so on. It really does get easier as you go.

Few - okay a bunch of years back, I got stuck in cabing to work and a desk job every day. So I started taking the train, which meant a few subway rides, connecting one to the next. of course walking to and from the office and the house and the trains, added more walking.

When I got used to that, I started taking walking an extra stop to get to the subway, and then another, and built up to the point that every day I was walking 40 blocks both ways and cutting out two train connections both ways. Earl thought me daft. Then again I'm still kicking and he's four years in the ground now. If I'd been able to walk all the way home I probably would have, given that it wasn't that much further. Regrettably there was a nice wide river with no pedestrian bridges to walk across. Something else that will help? Meditation. I'm not even kidding. It dramatically cuts back inflammation. If you have an mp3 player I can share some stuff with you that makes it simple, easy and pleasant to meditate. You'll be amazed at what even ten minutes a day can do for your health.