Saturday, October 26, 2013

11th round...

of chemo yesterday. The PICC line still doesn't work right, but we figured out there is a kink in it right where it goes in the arm, so cut one stitch and stood it up a bit and at least things worked better. After round 12 they're going to pull it and I'm going in to have a port surgically implanted in my chest. It's less maintenance and the only time there's adhesive on it is when I'm actually being infused, so that would be nice as well!

The last round was pretty rough between skin reactions, stronger than usual nausea and more blurred vision than usual. Perhaps the flu shot I had the week before was messing with me, or the respiratory but I picked up the week after. Finally started feeling human again on Thursday.

My only reading of late was "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke. I'd loved the movie, and of course the book is better. I bought the three book set at a great discount, and needed a break from all the war related stuff for a bit. Now I've started Erich Maria Remarque's "Flotsam", a lesser-known novel of his written in 1939 and translated in 1941, set in 1937 Europe and revolving around all the poor souls being punted from country to country as their papers were revoked for being Jewish or too outspoken or some other perceived flaw. Very good so far, I got about 5 chapters in yesterday at chemo.

Our newest grandbaby is now due November 5th, he will be our 4th but Bill and Laura's first. Very much looking forward to this! John and Noel plan to renew their wedding vows in February, so there's another date to look forward to-I kind of plant these milestones out there to keep my focus somewhere other than my immediate "goings on".

The battery in my truck is 8 years old now ('07 truck built in late '06 and the '14's are out now) so I'm going to try to slip out to Sears in a minute and bring home a new Die Hard to put in it. It's not being driven much, but the idea of going out to go somewhere and having it not crank doesn't enthuse me. After that I need to put a set of tires on Dottie's Malibu. It has 80,000 on the Goodyear Assurance's I put on it almost 6 years ago; they aren't down to the wear bars, but don't have the wet traction they did when newer and they're predicting a wet winter for us. She credits the aggressive traction tread with saving her at least 3 times in heavy downpours and traffic, so we're going back with exactly the same tires again.

I hope this finds each of you enjoying a lovely fall!

May the world be kind to each of you!



Doris said...

Those dates in the diary are so important - keep looking forward to all those events :-)

Very best wishes with it all Alan. xxx

Caroline said...

That sounds like about as long as we had batteries before they started to fail...

Having read this post I am a little wary of sending the images I promised!

Going to send any way.

robin andrea said...

Things sound pretty good there, alan. I'm really glad to read that. I like knowing that your fourth grandchild is due on November 5th, our first and only (so far) grand-daughter was born that day in 2011. She's a delight in every way.

The weather changed here very quickly. One day it was in the high 70s and the next it didn't break 47. I'm not looking forward to winter, but it's coming whether I want it to or not.

Thank you for keeping us posted here.

Doris said...

Did baby arrive on time? Do they ever? Best wishes to you all xxx