Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mixed weather...mixed life...

60 a few days ago-14 night before last-25 for a high today. Poor Dottie's out shopping and I'm snuggled up at home where it's warm. Some days it pays to be sick!

I had the 12th round of chemo a week ago Friday The nausea hangs on a lot longer and a lot stronger now-there was none until about 4 rounds ago; the drugs took care of it. I got a stronger med after round 10, but the med provider would only authorize 8 pills a month when I was supposed to get 2 a day for a week. I talked to them, then the oncologist did and he got them to authorize 15/round, which is enough to get me through until the 8th day (today) when it finally seems to back off.

I got the PICC line out and will have a port put in for the next round-Kranki was right about that being the best possible choice not only given my allergies, but in that I only have to have it maintained every 6 weeks if I'm not actively getting chemo and it looks like my "maintenance" will be at least that often.

The P.E.T. scan has been moved back to the first week of December, so I won't know any numbers on cancer reduction until then.

Because of the prednizone I was taking for the itch from the bandaging of the PICC line I've put on about 10% weight-wise and it's affected my breathing to the point that I had to back out of trying to go to Colorado to see my newest grandchild. I'm barely getting around the house right now at 500 feet altitude; going for 5700 didn't seem wise. I made it through Sam's Club with Dottie a few nights ago and rested most of the next day. Earlier that day we had to go to one of the larger malls so she could pick out glasses frames and we used the wheelchair I got last month for the first time. I hadn't been in that mall for about 6 years, so she took me around the lower floor before we got her frames; by then I was tired enough that we just came home to take a break before we went to Sam's.

I had some plans of hitting a couple of local art galleries (in the wheelchair) while she was off, but the nausea hanging on until today had me not really feeling like it. Maybe Tueday we'll do one of them. Wednesday she'll spend making pies for Thanksgving, but I really don't mind hanging around the house when she's making a bunch of apple pies!

I'm grateful to each of you who still find your way here to check up on me, and hope that the week is kind to each of you and that Thanksgiving finds you all gathered with those you love most!



robin andrea said...

Sounds like there have been some ups and downs. But good to know that you've been out and about, and making through the tougher days.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy those yummy apple pies!

Doris said...

Thanks for the update Alan and belated happy birthday.

May your weeks ahead be kind to you and happy thanksgiving to you and yours :-)

You have always had such a kind soul out here on the web - and beautiful things like that can never be forgotten.

Doris said...

Oops! You were talking about the weather not birthdays before the weather. Jeez I am getting senile!!! And of course I remember now, we share a simialar birth sign. Doh. Walks off feeling like a pratt!

Calamity Jen said...

Congrats on the newest addition to your family and happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I hope that this week's PET scan result give you even more to be thankful for.