Friday, April 06, 2007

Everything I've learned...

in my 51 years (along with everything I haven't) wrapped up in 7 minutes!

A friend in Argentina sent me this; it would be an awesome piece just written, let alone spoken with the video added! (Make sure to watch at least until the music starts...)

Happy Easter to all of you; may the Bunny be kind!



Blogzie said...

I love this!

I remember hearing this on the radio back in 1998. I went nuts for it then and found out that it was “Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann. Yes, that Baz Luhrmann.

I had never seen the video, thank for posting it.

Hearing it again makes me finally want to buy the CD (Something For Everybody) after all these years. It’s such a classic.

Love to you and yours and warm wishes for a delightful Easter.

Lori said...

I also heard this several years ago and love what it has to true! I didn't know it had a video with it.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

b o o said...

great video.

{don't be reckless with other people's hearts}

great advice.

happy easter HUGS.

alan said...

I had no idea that was Baz Luhrmann, I just knew I loved every line!

Thanks for the tip!


Von Krankipantzen said...

Pretty much sums it all up. Excellent.

Rice said...

This is so true. I should write down the words so that I can remember them.