Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kranki's meme

"Kranki" did this last week and posted it, and I was intrigued by it. I'm kind of glad I had a few days to mull the answers! :o)

These are the questions she sent me:

1. If you had to change your name what would you change it to and why?

I actually considered changing it a few years ago, for reasons I will save for the one post I have yet to screw up my courage to write. Perhaps for "Mother's Day"...anyway, though I considered changing it, I never considered to what!
Everyone listed to the right here is someone I admire; someone I wish I were more like. There are some very fine names there; names anyone would be proud of!
The one I keep coming back to, though, is Samuel Clemens. Enamored by his wit at an early age, if he would forgive me for borrowing it, I believe I would. My hope would be it would remind me to try to see the humor in things no matter how dark they seem!

2. What animal are you most like and in what ways?

My wife would say a pack rat, I have no doubt at all! Be it which animal or which of the "deadly sins", my mind says a sloth. For all the things that I should be doing, I will sleep, read, or sit in front of the TV or this magic window on the world as they pile up around me. I haven't been to the gym in ages, my weight is up, my energy is down, and I'm sleeping more. Always I say "tomorrow"; as always, tomorrow never comes!

3. What would you give up forever?
-driving- not until they pry the wheel from my cold dead hands! Too many places to go, too many things to do. Pulling the boat with my mountain bike wouldn't work well, either!

-eating meat- since I'm not giving up books until I can't see them anymore, I guess it's meat by default, though that name change might have to be to Cranky afterwards!

-reading books- I just couldn't! There are too many things I want to read; too many I'd like to re-read; too much to learn!

4. If you trained to be a medical doctor what would your specialty be (surgeon, heart doc, pediatrics etc) and why?

Cancer; I've lost way too many family members and others I cared about to this horrid awful disease to not "go after it"!

5. a. What was the best gift you have ever given?

One of the first Father's Days after I went to work at GM I bought my Dad the nicest, most expensive bait casting reel he ever owned, and the first graphite rod he ever owned to put it on. A half week's pay at the time, he was stunned. He was even more stunned when he lost it the first time out...(a story I'll save for later)!

b. What is the best gift you have ever received?

I followed someone "home" from Rosie O'Donnell's blog once, because of something wonderful they said. I read their blog and commented, then followed some others home who commented there and was introduced to this wonderful world where despite how it seems "in the news" or "on TV", there are still people who care; there are people who are good; there are souls that are beautiful.

Like each and every one of you!

Though I'm a bit more wary now than I was when I started this, the rules stated I have to include the following:

This is how this meme works.

1. Leave me a comment saying that you would like to be interviewed. Include your email address if I can’t get it through your blog.

2. I will email you five questions that you HAVE to answer. I get to pick the questions. You don’t get to opt out if you don’t like the questions I give you so think twice before asking me for an interview. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you anything I wouldn’t be willing to answer myself.

3. You must post your answers to the questions on your blog. If you don’t have a blog I will post your answers on my blog under your name.

4. You have to include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When other commenters ask to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

And so on and so on…



Von Krankipantzen said...

Really good answers. I thought #3 might be a tough one. And it is so cool you mentioned blogging as a great gift. You rock!

alan said...

It and #1 both made me very happy to have some extra time to mull over!

Right back at you, my friend!!!


Lori said...

Interesting answers....and some to think about myself.

I think that when a lot of people think "blog", they don't realize the depth with which some people write. True, I've come across some questionable blogs, but I've become acquainted with some lovely people who have introduced me to their corner of the world and taken me on a journey of understanding and joy. Now THAT'S worth celebrating!

robin andrea said...

A very interesting meme, alan. It elicits responses that are indepth and quite touching.

When we first started blogging we had no idea that we would "meet" such thoughtful, kind, and soulful people. The internet is really a medium for re-democratizing our country and reminding us that there are people like us everywhere.

Heidi said...

This was nice to read Alan..Thanx for sharing.

Ps..I'm glad I met a wonderful blogger friend in you. Hugs~

Green tea said...

Sometimes I wonder if this blogger world is a blessing to me LOL
I find my self spending way to much time in the internet world.
I also started following people home from my friend Rosie's blog.
My son who has a political blog
centrisity.com helped me set up mine.
I use it to vent, get things out of my system.
It can be so frustrating, watching
what is going on in this world, without commenting.
Yesterday hearing that Rosie was leaving The View, set me off.
I'm still reeling from the hate speak that was spewed out on Fox News last night..
I sent Hannity my thoughts about him..

JLee said...

YOU are the beautiful soul, Alan! :)

Malnurtured Snay said...

I would change my name to Jim Kirk, even though everyone would accuse me of wearing a tribble on my head.

Writer Mom said...

Has anyone requested an interview yet? These were great questions. I'm game.
I smiled throughout, but first let me thank you for your comment yesterday. I'm glad you came over. I keep hearing story upon story of boys who struggled in school. Beginning to wonder if a book should be written, so that Einstein's isn't the only name associated with underestimated students.
Anyway! Saw in your profile that you're Capricorn, as is my husband Tom. Nodded my head at pack rat. I find his little rat piles all around the house. Tom is also always picking up new hobbies. The man can juggle, yo yo, origami... He got two majors and two minors because he's interested in everything. It's frustrating at times how he struggles to multi-task, but I'm very fond of the Capricorn quirks.

He would not give up meat, I'm certain. OR driving. Maybe reading books, as he would cheat and read off-line.

The specialty you'd treat, what a great question! Sorry to hear you've been so affected. I just don't understand why there's still no cure.

I'm looking forward to your other stories to come. *Fishing stories are always great. Was it a fifty pound carp who swam off with the rod? I've seen it happen.

*I'm delighted to find another Virginia Woolf fan, but I must agree that Samuel Clemens is my all time favorite.
I just know I'm going to love your blog.

b o o said...

cranky meat eater HUGS

Dr. Deb said...
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Dr. Deb said...

Dear Alan,
I love Mark Twain AKA Samuel Clemmons, but think *your* name is just wonderful.


PS: That was me who deleted above. Too many typos!

Hawaiianmark said...

Praying you are safe.

Praying for your hometown.