Monday, April 07, 2008

My last one day weekend...

at GM if I'm lucky!

I needed about 100 hours to "have my time" as of the end of last week. I got close to half of those this last week. I'm watching "the axle strike" with one eye, hoping they settle or that we find parts enough to get to the middle of next week.

Dottie kept the 3 grandkids Friday night and on Saturday finally got to cook the corned beef dinner she usually fixes St. Patrick's Day weekend as both sons finally managed to clear a Saturday evening. Of course, I was at work...the leftovers were dinner last night after we did the weekend's shopping, and still very good even reheated.

I've been starting to do some minor checking into my next career; Bass Pro and Cabela's both say they want 3 weekends a month on their websites, though I haven't spoken to either store in person. Costco sounds like they might be flexible for part time help, and so far Border's sounds not only reasonable but even happy to have persons in my age group. Lowe's is an option as well; after my back problems a few years ago I'm trying not to find something with heavy lifting. I saw a parts counter job for a appliance company the other night; something I hadn't thought of. Possibly an auto parts counter would do as well...

Once I get those last few hours in and know that everything is firm for my July 1st date I can explore a bit more.

So, another Monday arrives and I have errands to run before work!

May the week be kind!



ryssee said...

Wow, a hundred hours away, that's so exciting!
If you are covered by benefits when you leave, you could consider taking a couple of part time jobs 'til you find your new place. That could make the weekends a little more flexi.
I'm so excited for you and your time!

KellyNerd said...

Just a helllloooo from Vancouver.... am excited for this new bit of your life ... will there be even more blogging???

KellyNerd said...

Just a helllloooo from Vancouver.... am excited for this new bit of your life ... will there be even more blogging???

alan said...

Yes, we get to keep my medical, dental and eyecare just as if I was working; if I die Dottie still gets to keep them! (One of the reasons for going now!)


Barbara said...

Alan, my friend, I am so very excited for you!

Doris said...

And have a great week ahead too :-)

von Krankipantzen said...

Isn't it exciting to be able to pick and choose what you want in a job? Don't settle for anything that isn't perfect. You deserve your evenings and weekends off.

I thought of Home Depot since you are so handy. I don't know about the US but up here in Canada they are very flexible as far as working hours and pay a decent wage too.

fineartist said...

I am getting so damned excited for you, a vicarious retirement, that's what I'm experiencing!

Borders sounds so frappin awesome! Oh and Lowe's or Home Depot would rock too. I love hanging out in all three of those places, um did you know that the guy who owns Lowe's used to be married to the chick who owns Home Depot and when they divorced she opened up Home Depot and builds them within a five mile radius of Lowe's just to piss off the ex and take his business? Well, that's what one of my students told me a couple of days ago, it may be horse manure, but it makes for a good story. Heh.


dragonflyfilly said...

did I hear right, but isn't Lowes quite a good group to work for?

also, if you worked at a auto parts place, maybe you would get staff discounts on parts, that would be good, eh?

anyhoo, have not seen you over at my place for a long while. ... checked back here to see if you are ok, seems that you will soon have a little more time for Blogging, hey!

cheers for now,

robin andrea said...

All of those job possibilities sound great. Any company will thank their lucky stars if they get to hire you. What an asset you will be.

Deb said...

The week's been busy for me. Hope it's been less demanding on you.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

I'd owe Borders money every day if I worked there.

Just something to keep in mind. :)

dragonflyfilly said...

hhey hey hey, aLAN! haven't i taught you ANYTHING, we don't, i repeat, don't, "do guilt"....

this is my reply to you at my Blog, with reference to your most recent post there,

luv etcetera,

taza said...

far out, you're so close. that is awesome. i don't think i will ever retire....sure and if i do, SS will be giving me less than $400/month!
i could almost afford to be homeless on that salary.
happy daze alan and sorry i've been gone. you give dottie a hugger for me. make her share it w/you!

JLee said...

We have a Bass Pro Shop right down the road and I love that place! I like to roam around, look at stuff, then play the laser rifle game. lol

ZILLA said...

Oh! Oh!

BP's mom worked at Borders before she became a building contractor. I'm telling you, the discount was F A B U L O U S!

If I were going to take a job in retail, I'd be looking for a good discount, especially if I liked to shop at the place where I worked!