Monday, April 28, 2008

Sons and such...

Having been told that the only thing that can stop me from retiring now is to end up on sick leave; having mentioned to you all that since we started the 10 hour days I haven't been able to get to the gym, and therefore have regained most of the weight and more inches than I lost; Dottie decided I had no business mowing until I get some of it back off and asked Bill to come in on Friday nights and mow so I won't.

Having fractured a ligament in my back a few years ago and gone out on my only sick leave for 4 months, the thing that worries me most is lifting things that are borderline "too heavy" from floor height; if it's above my knees I can deal with it, though if I have to carry them far I'm fighting some weight induced asthma at the moment.

So not only did he mow this week, but Bill stayed overnight on Friday and did the "heavy lifting" that was required to rearrange the basement enough for me to start putting together that treadmill I bought a while back. I ordered the mat to go under it tonight, and it's "where it's going" so I can figure out exactly what I need for wiring and boxes and such to set it up. (Last weekend I got John to pull the sandtubes from the back of my pickup as pulling the seven of them and lying them on the ground where I'm hiding them to keep them out of the sun so I don't have to replace them this fall would have done me in...)

Bill stayed until after dinner last night, by which time all 3 of us were exhausted. Today we slept 'til noon (my normal hours, but a treat for Dottie) then after some "us" time she cut my hair (I've been begging for 3 weeks now) and then we did Sam's and Costco before coming home to run laundry and watch TV. After we cleared the tapes for this next week (check out "The Big Bang Theory" sometime for a grin) we watched "Hitman". We had seen trailers at the movies for it last year, and when she cleared her Netflix list the first time I added it. Much better than you'd think...more plot than most things drawn from a video game!

Mine for tonight was supposed to be "Pandora's Box" but it's 10 'til 4 in the morning and I really don't want to start a 2:15 minute movie right now, so it's waiting until tomorrow night. By the time I finish here, finish programming recorders for tomorrow night (I watch way too much TV for my own good) and get to bed it will later than it should!

Tomorrow if they haven't gone on strike, I need to call to try to catch the guard at work who knows how to work the camera to take the picture for my "gold" ID card, then swing by the vet's to pick up some MSM for Angel.

Sorry to post and run, but the clock is ticking and it doesn't seem to slow!

May the week be kind!



ZILLA said...

Good thing you're being careful with your back, Alan. Mine's feeling the day's chores, although they were chores I loved doing!

Let me know how you like the treadmill. I've been gonna and I've been gonna, but I have yet to purchase one. I KNOW I'd be moving faster this month if I'd been moving more during winter, but I've been waiting for MrZ to accumulate enough AmEx miles to trade in for one.

If you like it, I'll just buy one and use the AmEx miles for a toaster instead (ha ha ha), and we can both start logging our miles over at Ange's place :-)

We indulged in the six-hour "House" marathon on USA yesterday. No idea why I love that show, but I know exactly why I needed so much Tube Time!!!

KellyNerd said...

Love love love the Big Bang Theory! I want the tall guy with the inept social skills for a friend, he would be a hoot!

You have a lovely family and I can see why. =))

CrackerLilo said...

Sending you good health juju until you're officially retired!!!! *gentle won't hurt your back hug*