Thursday, May 01, 2008

Snuck in a vacation day...

as I had some things to do that couldn't be done without it. Dottie's Malibu needed to visit the dealer, meaning she needed to take my truck to work, meaning I'd have had to ask someone for a ride and though I could have, owing someone a ride when I won't be there anymore didn't seem fair!

Apparently they had a bad run of steering "racks"; ours was replaced at 32,000 under warranty; 8,000 miles later the 2nd one was "clunking" as well.

When we bought it I had them add the remote start option, as the base model didn't come with it in '06; they had some problems with a module when they did it and kept us in a loaner for two days back then. Since then it had developed an occasional "no crank" when you hit the key; no click, nothing. Release it and turn it again and it was fine for the next 20 or 40 times.

They found a burnt terminal at the switch in the column and replaced it, along with "loading an update" to the electronic control module.

The little covers on the vanity mirrors in the visor had quit latching, so they ordered replacements for those as well. I dropped the car at 9 and caught a ride home on their "shuttle"; they called me at noon with the details, along with telling me the front brake pads were getting a little worn.(I told them thank you, I was replacing them this weekend, along with changing the oil and rotating the tires. They might not have been happy about that!)

Since I had only had about 3 hours of sleep, I ate and then dozed off then until 5 when Dottie slipped out of work early so we could pay the $50 deductible on our warranty and go pick up her car with it's $800 worth of work done.

Before she jumped in the shower we called Bill to wish him a "Happiest 30th Birthday" and found out Laura was taking him to dinner at a restaurant they love just west of her, so when he found out I was home he asked if they could come by!

So not only did I get to play slacker for a day; not only did I get to not spend the day in the driveway and then wonder if I had the car close enough to aligned to drive it to someone to do it right; but I got to see my son on his 30th as well!

Being home in the evenings is looking better all the time!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you!



robin andrea said...

You are going to love having those evenings home. How wonderful that you got to see Bill on his 30th. That's what life is all about.

Chandira said...

Sounds like you needed a mental health day!! Good for you.

We should all do that a little more often than we do, hey? Being English, my pet peeve is about the American Work Ethic, which is driving us all into the ground, creating a nation of corporate slaves.. I used to be self-employed at home, and I miss those days!! I only work a 40 hour week, and that's more than enough. I only get 3 weeks vacation a year, and to try to fit a family that lives 5,000 miles away, and inlaws that live 2,000 miles away into the schedule is impossible!
I'm glad you're sensible enough to live close to your family!! :-)

And thanks for the kind comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the YouTube, it was for you too, it was for all of our friends! :-)

ryssee said...

Ah, any excuse for a vacation day! :-)

ZILLA said...

Without the warranty, I imagine $50 would not have even covered the little latches on the vanity mirrors!

So good to get so much done in one inexpensive visit.

Even better to celebrate a birthday with family.

We'll cut cake with Myrt for her 23rd on Sunday, I hope. Her fiance had a FINAL EXAM on THE day, so we had to delay :-p

Being home evenings is what I live for!

JLee said...

I may have to "take my car into the shop" ahem, and skip work too! ha
Hope you have a great weekend, Alan!

kath said...

Nothing like sneaking in a day off... well done!

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