Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We have a tentative agreement!

I was in the shower last night when our local news came on at 9 announcing it, with Dottie relaying it to me; a few minutes later my cell rang with the same news. This morning I went to the Union Hall to hear about it and read the highlights; "Division 1" which is all of us who work on the line lost nothing, keeping exactly the same provisions that were in our last local agreement. Skilled Trades lost a slight bit, but not nearly as much as was planned by management.

They aren't calling it a "signing bonus" but are saying we will get a payment for having brought the Malibu on-line and winning so many awards with it.

So, if it is ratified (and I assume it will be) I return to work tomorrow night; we are assuming they will hit us with 10 hours off the bat, even though those last few are actually part of the holiday (anything over 8 hours).

I spoke to the Shop Chairman and he said he hasn't heard anything about them invoking the dreaded "emergency clause" of the contract (7 day weeks, 12 hours a day), so hopefully I can slip out the door before they get around to that!

For the first time in 30 years I've actually been going to bed before midnight and getting up between 8 and 9 most days; now I get to flip my hours back the other way for another month.

This afternoon a doctor's appointment to get back on my blood pressure medicine; then home to cook dinner for Dottie one last time before our hours diverge again.

At least we got to keep our holiday for the weekend!

May the rest of each of your weeks be kind!



Update: 7:00PM Wednesday- We have a contract; 88% of Skilled Trades voted "yes" (they're the Division 2 I mentioned above); 85% of Division 1 approved (that's the assembly workers). We return to work tomorrow at 6AM for days and 5PM for me.



ZILLA said...

I'm PRAYING that the emergency clause is NEVER invoked!

7 twelve-hours days a week should be considered inhumane!

Good luck, Alan. And enjoy every minute of the long holiday weekend!

CrackerLilo said...


And I agree with Zilla about that "emergency clause."

And congratulations!!!!!

ryssee said...

Congratulations, and I hope you all get bonuses for the Malibu. It's the TEAM you can't ignore!
Sorry 'bout your Royals, but thanks for stopping by! Can't believe we missed the end of the no-hitter - we couldn't watch any more 'cause we felt so bad for the KC pitcher. What a trouper though. And we're so proud of Lester!

KellyNerd said...

Alan, I admit, I cannot understand some of this stuff and what is good and what is bad, I think I may have missed some vital facts somewhere along the line?? -) Anyways if these are good things then I am so happpy for you if they are not so good tings then NerdGirl is going to kick some butt for ya'!!!


robin andrea said...

I am so glad for you and for your fellow workers, alan. I hope these next few weeks are easy on you and completely uneventful. Come July 1st, you can get back to that good schedule of bed before midnight and rising before 9:00. Sounds perfect.

HAR said...

Good for you Alan! You are almost there.

TaraDharma said...