Friday, May 09, 2008

Life is wreaking havoc...

with my sleeping hours! I actually had them fairly close to Dottie's, then had to let them slip back to my working schedule for the midnight picket shift. I got home at 7AM yesterday, slept 'til a bit after 2, then "drug" around the rest of the afternoon and evening. By 10 I was falling asleep as we tried to watch "5th Grader", and went to bed, sleeping 12 hours.

As far as glasses for me go, in my youth my vision was 20/10 and stayed that way into my 30's. It slowly was tapering off to 20/15, and Dottie was growing very disgusted with getting new glasses corrected to 20/20 and having me read road signs yards before she could. But I was noticing that I couldn't read the numbers on beam torque wrenches anymore as I put a transmission pan back on working under a car, etc.. I cheated and used a yellow crayon or chalk mark, but when I went in to have a piece of steel removed from an eye, I asked about it and was told to get a pair of reading glasses for now and in 5 years or so I'd need bifocals.

My first 2 sets were clear above, but slowly as I hit 50 my distance vision settled to a bit below 20/20; I can still pass the driver's license exam without them and the vision test for my material license at work, but know the day is coming.

So this set will be the first glasses I've had with a distance correction in them. We'll see how it works out!

Picket duty was better than I had feared; I ended up with a "captain" that was someone I had stocked for and knew fairly well, and she and I talked away most of the 6 hours. The rain stopped before our shift, and though it got a bit cool towards sunrise, it could have been worse. Our next shift is next Thursday afternoon, noon to six. Sunscreen for my old bald head!

Today I have to go back to the union hall and sign up to draw strike pay, then run the shopping errands as we are finally having John's birthday dinner tomorrow night. His request was steak, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes and brown gravy. It's supposed to rain tomorrow; as long as it's not pouring when I need to get the grill out things will be fine. I finally tried the new smoker box I found at Lowe's last week and it worked well, so I'll start some chips soaking this afternoon when I get back from buying the mushrooms.

So, off to the shower and then out and about!

May your weekends be wonderful!



ZILLA said...

MMmmm, steak and 'shrooms!

You have a fun-filled weekend, Alan.

CrackerLilo said...

Your poor body! Soon you can let it set your schedule. I look forward to that *for* you.

May your weekend be kind! :-)

Deb said...

Please take care as you do all this stuff!!!!