Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday morning blues...

Up "reasonably" early for me, and checked e-mail then started writing down "availables" and due dates. After I go pick up my glasses and run a couple of errands I get to come home and start making phone calls. The union told us to call before we pay each bill and explain that we are UAW and on strike and see who will let us slide and who won't...

They did have a sign up when I picketed the other day that said if you get a job and gross more than $199 you forfeit your strike pay. So I guess next week if this is still going on I check into doing a couple of days a week somewhere.

Bill had taken my "click" torque wrench with him last week after we swapped off his winter treads so he could retorque his lugs; he brought it back yesterday, so I didn't pull Dottie's brake pads until yesterday afternoon (I still have the old beam ones, but leaning down next to the car trying to read that scale with my glasses while putting 100ft/lbs. on it isn't easy anymore!). The dealer had told me the front brake pads were down to 3 mils (1/8" nominally). I had bought a new set to have them ready to go in ($34). When I pulled the ones on it they still have 1/2 their life left; more like 3/8" than 1/8" wonder they looked a bit uncomfortable when I said I would take care of them myself!

Always ask to see the parts! Even if you don't know what they are, it will cut down on a lot of "the bullshit"!

I didn't turn my cell on 'til almost noon when Dottie was supposed to call, and found a text message about a picket rally at 11AM today; when I turned on the noon news they were interviewing our union president. Feeling a bit guilty now, but that's my lot in life anyway!

So, as I wander off to try and accomplish something with my day, I wish you all a happy Monday; may the week be kind!



CrackerLilo said...

My mom told me that about seeing the parts, too.

Hope the situation gets resolved quickly and in your favor!!!!

KellyNerd said...

Happy Monday to you too!

robin andrea said...

So the car mechanic tried to fool a long-time car guy like you? You're lucky that you can do brake jobs yourself. Most people just get the brakes and don't even realize they're being duped.

I do hope the strike is resolved soon.

fineartist said...

Dishonest people all over the planet, I wish I could give them a great big old head butt.

Be well and I hope you enjoyed your Monday Alan. xx