Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday's worse...

("Stormy Monday" playing in my mind...)

"They call it Stormy Monday...
but Tuesday's just as bad...(repeat once)

Wednesday's worse...
and Thursday's oh so sad!

Dottie worked the weekend, but got Monday off for the holiday and Tuesday for her normal day off. We got up early and made the 10AM show of "Indiana Jones" for $5 each; we both would have sat through it again, immediately!

I finished watching the F-1 race from Monaco off tape from Sunday while she did some odds and ends, then she held a flashlight for me while I replaced the light switch in our ceiling fan. I started doing laundry and moving some things in preparation for putting my treadmill together, then Bill called and asked if Laura could borrow a suitcase. (She has an internship this summer that ties into her accounting degree.)By the time we ran that out to Lawrence and got home it was supper time, so we ate and watched "The Contract" with John Cusak and Morgan Freeman. Something she had found on Netflix that I had never heard of; good movie!

While we were in Lawrence Laura asked me to look at the little "point and shoot" Nikon we had given them two Christmases ago; it had a "lens error" and you could hear the motor run but it wouldn't extend or retract, even with a gentle nudge. We had bought an extended warranty on it, and so today Dottie made phone calls and ended up with store credit for what we paid, so we went and picked up a newer one and another warranty. Not in time for Laura to take it on her trip, but at least Bill can take it when he joins her.

By then it was time for me to go to work; I left at 4:30 and got home at 3:55AM...

Only 3 more weeks...I just keep telling myself that...

Now it's just past 5 and my eyes are starting to cross...goodnight all!

May rest of the week be kind!



ZILLA said...

Ooooh, I love Morgan Freeman. Is he really a bad-guy in this one?

Green tea said...

Those 3 weeks will fly by fast Kid...
Then you can enjoy some
fishing time..:D

KellyNerd said...

five years into the fun of your retirement and spending time with your wife this three weeks will feel like nothing!

glad to hear the indiana jones movie was good! I am a fan ! will have to see it.

Quick question:

I use wordpress and have to sign on with my old blog on blogger to comment on your site ... other blogger blogs have a wordpress option... =( so that I can comment using my new blog... I wonder why yours is a bit different! Obviously no biggie, just curious!


alan said...

Probably because it is smarter than I am...I'll see if I can figure it out!


alan said...

Just clicked something about "OpenID"; let me know if that works!


Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Now I feel bad for not liking Harrison's 'Save the Rain Forest' chest hair removal commercial.

Maybe I should see the movie again.

fineartist said...

Three more weeks, oh man that's a mighty fine mantra to get ya through, and now it's even a little less than three more weeks.

I'm tickled sh...stuff less for you Alan, I can't think of a nicer man to be looking forward to retirement than you.

I've been watching movies lately, just plopping down and turning the movies on, rolling, action, I'm all over the movie watching thing.

I've watched, I am Legend, and I thought it was really really good, I watched Cloverfield, pretty good but it made me sort of sick since it was all filmed by the cast, and I've watched a bunch more but for some reason my old brain refused to surface the names.

Three more weeks, right on Alan, right on.


Puffer said...

Hey Alan,
Coming to Canada for a trip after the retirement?