Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They're still talking...

and we're still walking.

There were over a thousand of us at the rally yesterday. We also had members of the Teamsters, all of the local contruction trades, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, along with the leadership of the UAW at Ford.

Only one TV station could be bothered to send a crew. We have one who sent a crew to the finale of American Idol because a kid from here is one of the two, but they didn't send one across town for us.

Makes you think!

Having had wicked headaches off and on for several weeks now, I dug out the last of my blood pressure medicine from before my weight loss and started taking it again. We have a cuff at home since Dottie had her incident, and mine wasn't super high, but consistent, so I started back where I left off and will be calling for an appointment in a few minutes.

Other than that I'm making more phone calls to creditors, catching up laundry, and trying not to think a lot about what's going on (or not). A lot of us were speculating last week that we wouldn't be back until after they could get out of paying us for Memorial Day; it's beginning to look like that was a given!

Not much else to say, just thought I should update...



CrackerLilo said...

As much as I love Idol, their priorities are all kinds of fucked up. Sorry.

Your blog is really valuable right now, in that you're showing the day-by-day life of someone on strike. It's going to be very helpful to someone else later on. It's helpful to, say, urban secretaries like me.

Now if only the strike could end, and in your favor...bet that would reduce your blood pressure some!


ZILLA said...

Stressful times... you be SURE to see the doc.


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up! :-)