Friday, May 16, 2008

6 hours on the picket line...

yesterday afternoon. SPF50 on my head and face before I left, though they said it would be mostly cloudy; it wasn't. Also wore a closed ball cap...

I was at the gate they usually ship our cars out through; several of the teamsters drivers stopped to speak to us as they came and went. There are only a couple of them that didn't get laid off, and they are gathering that if we aren't back by Monday they will be as well.

So, in a bit, I'll be on the phone again...Sears is due...

Tonight Bill is coming to mow; before he gets here I'm going to clear all the elm seeds from the gutters and trim some. Dinner will be grilled chicken breasts with Italian marinade. I started mesquite chips soaking last night; I haven't decided between rice or potatoes for a side dish yet.

Dillon turned 9 yesterday; his party is tomorrow along with his friend Andrew's at the same park we had the family party at a few weeks ago. Logistics dictates only one small present there because there will be so many people, so he'll get the rest tomorrow evening at John and Noel's house.

You would think that with all this downtime I'd be getting more done, but I'm actually just now starting to wake up and feel like doing something as we come up on the 2 week mark. My batteries must have been awfully low!

Thank you all so very much for the kind words and the encouragement through all this! Lois hit my nail right on its head the other day when she said that "One thing so many of us online types seem to have in common is, we lack in self worth." I've had that deficiency most of my life, and though I try to fight it, it's one of my larger demons. It has been trying to get the best of me since this strike began. Part of that I'm sure is being so very tired after the year of 10 hour days; part the uncertainty not only of turning life in a new direction, but having things thrown to the wind just beforehand.

At any rate, you all are the best friends someone could ever dream of!

May the weekend be kind!



TaraDharma said...

oh, watch the health, alan! thank you for stopping by and your kind words. I had no idea what all was / has been going on for you....I'm not much of a blog reader these days.

I feel for you -- tough, scarey times for sure. You're doing what you can, when you can, and you are not alone in this. You're handling the ups and downs responsibly and consciously. You'll get through it because of who you are. And if sometimes you need to truly feel the pain and fear of it all, just feel it. It will pass.

btw -- I used to tour the Kittyhawk whenever it came into San Diego when I was a little kid!!

small world, eh, friend?

ryssee said...

Your dinner sounds awesome!
Yes, I believe your batteries were low-even though times are tough right now use what you can of it for rest-'cause once you're on the go at 100% again, it will be more like 180% for the rest of us-I can't get over how much you do!

ZILLA said...

It's been a demoralizing spring for a lot of folks, Alan. I've got two "IRL" friends feeling just absolutely crushed and self-loathing after being downsized out of companies to which they've been loyal for years -- one woman had 25 years invested, and her severance package is worse than an insult.

For the record, I think "online socializing" has more to do with garage door openers on attached garages in suburbia than it has to do with lack of self-worth. Was a time we were knocking on each other's back doors to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar, but if we've got built-in means for barricading, we don't know our neighbors as easily as we used to, and eggs and sugar aren't things we give and receive as easily as we did when our moms and dads were running the show.

Chin up, shoulders back, elbows out, and soldier on.

I value you.

Heidi said...

{{{ Alan}}}}}

kath said...

Ye gods! I have not been checking in as often lately.. so much to do, I have slacked off.

What a huge thing to deal with, I do not envy you... but I do have faith that it will pass and you will be okay...

So hard though, what happened to the idea of things getting easier when we get older? Who lied?

Never mind.. I forgot for a second.. no promises..

take care

HAR said...

I've been so busy. I finally get some blog time and I am very sad to read this news about your troubles.
I am going to keep you in my prayers. I am not sure if that will hurt you or help you but I am going to give it a shot.
I do hope you get to enjoy those grandkids this weekend.