Monday, May 19, 2008

The birthday party for Dillon and his friend (son of Noel's best girlfriend) Andrew went very well. We were at the park at 9 and stayed until almost 4; the kids played and had a great time.

My sister's husband is into geocaching, and there was a chache at the park, only 400 feet from the shelter we were at, so the grandkids and some of the rest of us walked up there with him. They think it's very cool to find these things that someone else left.

While I was there a friend from work called and said "we may have an agreement" and that if so they wanted to present it on Sunday so we could return to work today. She said she would call if she heard anything more. I never got that 2nd call.

This morning I read that they talked all weekend and until 11:30 last night; still nothing. So there is a rally in front of the plant today at noon, and I'm going to go. I'm not normally one for crowds, but perhaps the more of us they see out there and the news media see someone will decide they need to step up...

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement!

May the week be kind!


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ConnieJane said...

And be kind to you as well.