Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Physically and mentally, anyway!

I mowed for the 1st time this year; 7 hours between the gutters, the trimming, sharpening the blade, reattaching the rear carriage of the mower 3 times (5 years it never loosened, then 3 times in one day...hmmmm). Then there was spraying something to kill the grass coming up through the driveway and the patio.

Dottie hadn't let me mow this year and had been paying Bill to drive in from Lawrence and do it because she was afraid at my weight and with the constant ache in my chest I would "stroke out" before my retirement date. The ache it seems isn't heart related, only weight; all my other "numbers" were good last week, and I don't get quite so out of breath with the time I've spent on the treadmill of late.

So I covered my bald head with SPF 50, along with my face and shoulders, SPF30 on my arms and legs, and "went to it".

I had planned to also do something about the broadleaf coming up in the yard, but at 7 last night I had had more than enough and decided it could wait 'til after the rains today and after the 4th.

Angel survived her clipping and trip to the vet. I haven't posted nearly as many photos this last year as I used to, but perhaps can start again as there are more hours in my day!

From two years ago:

The first is full-winter coat; that year we clipped her twice, once partially down early in the year, and a 2nd time and much shorter about this time of year. This year, I just couldn't get to it sooner...

Today we make food and fireworks runs for the 4th of July, then back to the basement to finish rearranging things to make room for my weight bench!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you; if I don't get back before the 4th then for those who get to celebrate the holiday, may you enjoy it safely!



wlllle blogged said...

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Sassy said...

Awww such a cute dog!

von Krankipantzen said...

Mowing the lawn can be great exercise-but don't over do, please!

The pooch looks very cool and groovy. I'm sure you do too. Have a great holiday!

fineartist said...

Angel got a foxy new hair cut, and so did your yard.

Mowing, oh yuck, I mowed our yard a while back and I was sick for a week from it, blasted allergies, they suck. If I have to mow again I'm wearing one of those goofy masks.


Lisa Allender said...

Hi Alan, thank you for stopping in at my
I'll add you to my list of links of Bloggers/Blogs, if you wish!
Have a great 4th--you, your wife, your Mom(hope she's better-I read several of your posts) and your little (cuuute!)"Angel".
Peace, man.

robin andrea said...

Your puppy dog is so cute. I love that haircut on her. Sometimes I really love doing yard work, and sometimes it's more chore than I want. It sure does look good when it's done, though.

Happy 4th to you and yours, alan.

Anonymous said...

I thought my heart was too full of love with my baby boy Junior and little kitty baby Janey ... but NOPE! I had a little more room left - your baby is adorable!

HAR said...

Take it easy Alan. You have plenty of time to get the lawn done. 7 hours of yard work in this heat sounds dangerous.

Angel looks like a big mush. Have a happy day.

Puffer said...

Happy Retirement Al!
I was so exhausted yesterday 2!
Get some rest.

Green tea said...

What a cute dog..reminds me of Daisy from Dagwood and Blondie
Is that dating me?? LOL