Monday, June 30, 2008

Mom went home...

late Saturday evening after a 5th test that found nothing; her blood count had stabilized, and just like "Green Tea" said in the comments below, they sent her home and are adding iron to her supplements.

Funny, Mom always was iron deficient. She still complains to me about the family doctor that delivered me (he had also delivered her) making her eat raw liver in 1955when she was carrying me...

Meanwhile, Dottie's blood is so iron rich that if she doesn't go donate every once in a while it thickens and causes her leg cramps!

All of the numbers in my physical came back perfect; the doctor said "lose a 100 pounds by next Friday and you'll be fine!". Then he cautioned me against trying to lose this mass too quickly...

I clipped Angel for the summer finally last night as she has to go to the vet today for her annual (what is it about retirement and doctors?) checkup and shots. At 12, she seemed to get through it better than I did.

Which brings me to a close, as I need to eat something and get out the door!

May the week be kind to each of you! Thank you for all the prayers and the well wishes and words of encouragement...



fineartist said...

Well it sounds like things are as they should be in your world, and I'm sure glad of that.

your doctor sounds like a keeper, at least he's got a sense of humor about him, and that's always a good thing.


Doris said...

Is this your guitar hero playing Mom who has been very poorly? I'm so sorry that I dropped off the radar for so long and haven't kept up but you know how it is. Nevertheless, sending you the warmest wishes and the huggiest of hugs.

What a coincidence you mentioning iron and leg cramps - I have just been woken up by the worst one ever that had me practically screaming. So I'll check out iron levels.

I hope the rest of your week goes better :-)

Connie in FL said...

Happy Retirement = enjoying real life during normal hours!

ryssee said...

Glad to hear your mom's ok!!
Is Angel another kitty?

Debbie K said...

Dear Alan
Congratulations on your retirement.
I am so sorry you have had all these worries.
I hope & pray things settle down for all your family now.
Life has a tendancy to throw everything at you every once in a while.
God willing the storm has now passed.
Wishing you & your family good health & happiness.


HAR said...

Glad mom is doing better. How does Dottie have so much iron in her blood? As if you know this answer. But, if you do, I was just wondering.

Green tea said...

Glad Mom is home and doing better..