Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday morning, just before sunup...

Came home, Dottie awake because her arthritis woke her just before I usually show up. Bill is here, so we shuffled cars as she works tomorrow, he's mowing and then going to the Dr. because of a tick bite, so my truck needed to be the furthest thing in our one car driveway.

I showed her the retirement plaque they gave me tonight; 58 more hours and I'm out the door.

We talked a bit, then I slipped on my shoes and went downstairs. The first night I did 3/4 mile in 20 minutes with only a quick up and down on the incline to make sure it worked, and had all I wanted. I skipped the 2nd night because of other things too hideous to detail; last night I pushed it to a mile in 21 minutes with no incline. Tonight it was a tick over a mile in a tick over 20 minutes varying the speed up to 3.4 for a minute or so, and the incline up to 10 at one point, though not for long. The calorie counter really jumped though, as I knew it would.

The heart monitor seems a bit erratic, probably because if I stay where I can hold the grips my feet catch the shroud over the front roller. Instead of dropping the $100 to put the RF receiver in it and get their chest belt, I'm going to put fresh batteries in the wrist monitor and chest belt I wore to the gym at work in the "old days" and use it for a while.

So now I sit here to cool off a bit and eat something before I crash. No more Cocoa Pebbles or Golden Crisp in the middle of the night, back to cottage cheese...a slow-digesting protein instead of carbs...

Dottie works today and tomorrow; she set up Father's Day dinner for tonight after she gets off but Bill is supposed to cook with my consultation. I'm planning to slip off to Sears to look at a weightbench and run some other errands when I get up; hoping before noon, so that means I need to run through the rain locker and get to bed!

I hope each of you has a lovely weekend!



Connie in FL said...

Good for you Alan! One step at a time.
Enjoy your weekend!

robin andrea said...

Sounds like you're starting a very good workout routine. Excellent beginning.

58 hours!! Woohoo.

Enjoy your Father's Day, alan, and hope your weekend is an excellent one.

von Krankipantzen said...

So exciting! Retirement, BABY!

I am so proud of you with your new work-out routine. You, GO! I hope to get off my butt soon. Once the weather starts co-operating.

Have a great weekend!

Green tea said...

Have a great Fathers day Alan..
Hope it doesn't rain there
tomorrow...pouring here in BC again..
but it is a nice refreshing rain.

Connie in FL said...

PS: Happy Dad's Day Dude!!!

taza said...

alan, happy dad's day to one of the good'uns!

glad you are getting your heart rate up. congrats on new habits....always hard to cultivate!



Donna said...

I found you at Anji's....she Does write wonderfully...Especially todays post. Hope you also remember He's Never far away...hard isn't it...Happy Fathers day to you!