Monday, June 02, 2008


after months instead of the weeks I'd of thought, the treadmill is together. I have a wiring drop to make to it (easy) and then I'll start walking myself back down to a proper size...

I started to title this "Treadmill to Oblivion", which was what Fred Allen called his memoir, written 50 some years ago; I decided as long as I've had it on my Powell's list and not had it show up, I shouldn't get someone's hopes up if they Googled it.

We had a mini-Thanksgiving in July Saturday afternoon, with Bill and the grandkids here. Then Bill and I went out, him to mow and me to run the trimmer. It didn't get done last week (didn't really need it until after the rain started last Saturday and kept up for days) and took both of us about twice as long as it should have.

He spent the night and Sunday we put together the treadmill (in spite of the step they left out in the instructions) then I made a trip to Lowe's before they closed. Bill went home, Dottie and I did our Wal-Mart run, and by then it was 9 something.

She had "Flightplan" but didn't feel like watching something that might end on a sad note before she went to bed. When she finally did I finally caught up with "Tess of the Storm Country", my Pickford silent that had been sitting for weeks now.

I made the mistake when it first arrived, having fallen madly in love with "Stella Maris" of checking a few minutes of it to see if I might be able to get Dottie to watch it. I was disappointed in the print, which has a lot of acid deterioration early on.

Now I sit here disappointed in myself for not watching it sooner, as the "bad spots" go away a couple of "reels" in and the movie pulls you in until you wouldn't care if they did or not. At the beginning they have a quote from Mary saying this was her favorite of all her films (248 of them she did!) and I can understand that!

Off to check my list to see what's next!

May the week be kind!



Liz said...

I recommend the Hogfather, it's an awesome movie based on the terry Pratchett book of the same name. It's pretty much a parody of Christmas and has an amazing moral explaining the whole movie near the end when Death explains the purpose of the Hogfather (Santa) to his granddaughter Susan (yes, Death has a granddaughter thru his adopted daughter lol.)

ZILLA said...

I hate it when steps are left out of assembly instructions. I swear they're all written in Chinese first and then translated at Babel Fish!

We watched "The Birds," "The Graduate," and "Dan in Real Life" this weekend. Guess which one the kids (ages 17, 14 3/4, and 13) found most interesting?

fineartist said...

Oh right on Alan you got your walking machine all ready to go. You know I have one of those things, my dad gave it to me, bless his heart, but I gotta tell ya that thing drives me a little crazy walking on it, okay crazy isn't the real word I want to use, bored it drives me plum board and after about five minutes I hop off of it. Then the man got tired of it being in HIS ?!? garage, how the heck he got full ownership of the garage is beyond me especially since I bought him out of the house when we divorced and I pay the mortgage, but that's a gripe all it's own in my mind.

I've been really getting into watching movies lately and I blame you Alan, hah, just kidding, really I've been enjoying it a lot and it keeps me out of trouble.


fineartist said...

And he moved it to storage, my tread mill. I just realized I got all caught up in my rant about who owns the garage and I forgot to finish my sentence properly. Heh.

I think Zilla and the kids enjoyed the Graduate the most. That's my vote anyway, I love that crazy show.

xxoo, again

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

You're such a wonderfully unique, yet down-to-earth combination.

As for mowing--rain today, and the trimmer's not working.
Which is how I'm able to finally catch up on blogs.