Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A link about the fuel tank farm fire...

This link is from one of the noon news broadcasts and has both video footage and stills from last night and this morning of the millions of gallons of unleaded burning.

I haven't heard of anyone hurt or injured; damage to our wallets notwithstanding.

Heck of a way to have you all find out exactly where I work!

May the rest of you have a quiet week!



fineartist said...

Good Lord in heaven that's un frappin believable! I'm glad you weren't standing by that thing when it got struck!

Lordy Lordy, that is something.


Chandira said...

Holy **** Alan, that looks scary!!! Wow, how dramatic.

Did you get any photos yourself? Mind you, not that I ever take a camera to work, but you never know. lol

I'm glad you weren't there when it went off, I bet that was crazy.

Anonymous said...

My gosh! I am so happy to hear you are safe. Wow. thats all I got. Wow.

Doris said...

Scary to think what could be when you see a fire like that. A year or two ago the UK had a mega fire at fuel tanks north of London that the local properties had to be evacuated as the sky turned black.

What with the cost of fuel I can't see how the costs of this fire won't trickle back.

Puffer said...

Glad to hear that u are ok!

ConnieJane said...


Glad it didn't spread any further.

ZILLA said...

Just glad you're safe, Alan.

Great pic of Bobby up there, too!