Monday, December 22, 2008

Muscle relaxers and painkillers...

and suddenly things feel much better!

Dottie needed to get antibiotics for the cold she's been fighting for the last week, so she called at noon and got us in to the Dr.'s late this afternoon. I came home and took two of each and for some reason I'm not hurting nearly as much!

Perhaps tomorrow I can start trying to stretch things a bit and start doing the therapy excercises I got last time I went through this...longer ago than I thought, actually it was 5 years ago, as the Dr. was digging back through my chart.

Dottie is off now getting apples to make pies for Christmas dinner at John's and when she comes home I may try and sit at the table and do some of the wrapping so she isn't stuck with all of it.

Thank you all for the kind wishes!

May the rest of your week be kind, and may Christmas and the holidays be especially wonderful for you this year!



Anonymous said...

Wish I had some Muscle relaxers, on Antibiotics myself for a wicked toothache, gotta be the worse pain I can think of I hate it!! Oh well Happy Holidays all.

robin andrea said...

Glad you are getting some relief. Still, be careful and have a wonderful, warm and bright Christmas.

ryssee said...

Glad you're feeling better with the meds. Don't be Superman again until you get the all-clear, OK?
And, have a very Merry Christmas with your family.

HAR said...

Nothing makes you appreciate yout good health, like back trouble does. I hope you have been able to put away that cane by now.
Have a happy Christmas with Dottie and the rest of your family. :)