Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Never count your chickens..."

could pretty well apply to the last couple of days!

Thursday, having saved some old window sashes for their glass when I replaced the ones in the house, I spent some time chipping out a broken one in the garage, having re-puttied all the ones that didn't need glass, then even longer carefully chipping a 24x36 out of it's sash to make a 24x24. Never having had luck cutting my own, I eschewed Dottie's Dad's cutter along with my Dad's and used a brand new one. Nicely scribed line; supported the "keep" side the length of the cut, tapped it...I had about 10" of straight line then it angled away from the cut. Tapped it again to try and "clean it up" and blew up the entire edge.

As I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck hearing all those "sailor words" in my vocabulary "in my head", smiling because they weren't out loud, I decided I was buying glass for that one and the other two.

Friday morning, up a few minutes before Dottie I started the kettle for coffee and slipped in here to check e-mail and check in with some of you. Put a note on Facebook to explain our plans and that I wouldn't be playing WordScraper, then I heard Dottie call me.

She started to get up and it hurt, not badly, but just a "something's not right". Lying on her back everything was fine, but the minute she stood up there was an obvious knot on one side of her lower abdomen, normally symmetrical. About the diameter of my fist, as thick as my hand.

We are assuming at this point it's a hernia.

7 years ago she had a kidney and her gall bladder taken out; they split her from almost her sternum to a handwidth below her naval. The surgeon left a resident to staple her up; he overlapped the layers and gave her a wicked scar that has caused problems ever since. When I saw her postop she looked like she had a zipper...

Phone call to our doctor; he's busy, leave a message, wait for the phone call back; if there are any of a number of other symptoms, go to the ER, otherwise, call the surgeon. Call the surgeon, no openings 'til June 4th...if there are any other symptoms go to the ER...

So now it's noon; we should be coming home from the movie and I have one sash in the garage with no glass in it. I went and got the 3 pieces I needed cut, came home and got the one in in case the rain started early. Then it was time to pick up her paycheck and run a few other errands.

She told her boss she wouldn't be doing any transfers (moving patients who can't move themselves; she's not supposed to have been doing them since her joint replacements) or moving tables and chairs 'til we know what is going on and was told "Good" because her boss thinks some of the others leave things they don't feel like doing because they know she will.

Meanwhile, knowing that most likely GM will file bankruptcy on the 1st, I wonder if I'll even have insurance...I "know" somehow that I will, but that nagging fear is still there.

Dottie works tomorrow and then is off on Sunday for my nephew's high school graduation. I'll be watching Indy off tape for the first time in many years; I usually time shift Monaco, but watch Indy beginning to end.

Go Danica!

May each of your weekends be kind!



Riot Kitty said...

Hang in there - sending you and Dottie good thoughts. PS It's OK to say those sailor words out loud, you know ;)

Calamity Jen said...

Poor Dottie. I hope that she's feeling better very soon.

Ms.LizzyBeth said...

Ouch, can you say what a waste considering I live an hour from the Indy track and forgot that was coming up. I never got into watching the cars since i always considered that humans invented the car as a wonderful transportation tool then what do they do with that advancement? Run them around in a circle a couple hundred times. Sheesh, silly humans.

robin andrea said...

I hope everything works out for Dottie and it's not a serious thing. Our health care system leaves a lot to be desired.

von Krankipantzen said...

Oh dear! Poor Dottie. I hope they don't let her lift ANYTHING at work.

LucyTolliday said...

Wish her well for me. Sometimes saying sailor words out loud is well justified.

Heidi said...

Passing through with a HUG

(( Alan))))