Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It's been hard to come here and write of late; I've been "living" on hydrocodone a lot of this last month as I blew something up in my left knee four weeks ago. In the beginning I thought I could give it a week and it would be better, but that has not turned out to be the case and I have an appointment tomorrow morning so someone can figure out whether it was one of the cruciate ligaments I blew out, or something worse. It's not much good like it is, or me along with it!

I hobbled through the holidays; everyone else's were great! The grandkids, the boys and their wives; my sister and her family. Bill and Laura made it home to D.C. yesterday after a detour through North Carolina for a rockslide the wiped out the Interstate highway they were on as they trekked east. After an afternoon's rest in Charlotte, they got home about 1:30 Tuesday morning.

I've not been sleeping well, so falling asleep sitting in my chair reading, trying to watch TV, sitting here at the keyboard, playing a video game; they've all become new experiences for me. Part of my excuse for not blogging...waking up as you rock forward in the chair because your knee is saying "don't do that, dummy"! isn't fun!

May the rest of the week and may this month and this New Year be especially kind to each of you!


Postscript: Thursday afternoon...

X-rays inconclusive; they don't show anything wrong, only the things that should be there...MRI tomorrow.

At least I know now it's not cancer! Not everyone's first thought, but my favorite jazz saxophone player went in 15 years ago for some knee pain, found out he had bone cancer and was gone in 6 much as my family has been decimated by so many different kinds of it, it wouldn't have surprised me!



Anji said...

Falling asleep at the computer is horrible anyway. I hope that your knee is nothing too serious and can be fixed easily.

Chandira said...

Hope you're up on your feet again soon Alan!

I have a friend who's mother just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she only has weeks, most likely. It's amazing some times how fast a thing like that will knock a person out. Nothing about life is guaranteed. Like a friend of mine says, we're all on the Titanic, so let's get serious about the business of living.

Glad you have as good a chance as the rest of us for now.. ;-)


Hawaiianmark said...

Get well soon!

Best to you and your 'hobbles'.


Anonymous said...

I've been mia lately. Im sorry to hear of your troubles Alan. I hope it is healing now?