Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm telling you stories...

6:15pm, Saturday. My wife is in the shower, having just gotten home from work. The potatoes are half-done baking, the salmon is thawed, 40 oz. of mushrooms are ready for the skillets, my son and his wife are on their way from Lawrence for dinner, and I'm mixing the Italian marinade for the salmon while the grill heats.

"thump Bang-CLANG!!!"

"Honey, are you all right?"

"No" was her reply. Since she had a hip replaced at 47 from arthritis, falls are worrisome. Drop everything, run to the bathroom and find her holding the tub spout, standing outside the tub. She's OK...

The tub spout is sheared off cleanly, right at the wall.

"How in the world did you do that?"

"The Tilex slipped as I put it back on the shelf."

When I redid the plumbing 12 or 15 years ago, I used plastic instead of the original galvanized. Easier to work, not supposed to calcify and clog up like metal...I never thought you could snap it clean off the wall. Of course, since the kitchen got redone after the bathroom, I lost my access to the other side of that wall when the new cabinets went in...

Finish cooking dinner, eat, and leave the kids watching "Stargate: Atlantis" from tape while we slip off to Lowe's before they close to try to cobble something together that I can glue over the piece in the wall. It's not just a piece of pipe, it's the union I originally used to attach the tub spout, and without tearing the wall out, I can't cut it off to attach another union.

An hour in Lowe's going from one plumbing aisle to another, gather enough pieces to try 3 different things and then out the door for less than $9.

A "union" for a much larger "sanitary side" fitting that isn't intended for hot/cold, but since it's not actually going to have water in it, but be glued to the piece in the wall and have another union glued inside it, turns out to be the one that works, the reattach the tub spout, and by 10 it's fixed. The only thing was that the purple primer for the glue ran down the white tub enclosure and stained to the garage for polishing compound and Meguiars, and it's good as new.

When we replaced the old kitchen cabinets with new, they turned out to be about 2" "shallower" so all along the face of them there was a 2" gap between them and the "acoustic texture" that my Dad had had sprayed on the ceilings in the late 70's. Too big a gap to hide with trim, so I spent part of last week before work trying to spread texture onto the ceiling with a putty knife, as you can't roll it with the cabinet face there. I think I had as much on me as the ceiling! After cleaning off the countertops, the sink, the cabinet faces, and then myself, I wasn't about to try to paint the ceiling with covering everything!

I had spent part of my day Saturday hanging drop cloths in the kitchen (leaving them so I could still cook) so I could paint the ceiling that night, but after the plumbing emergency, and needing to let the glue dry for a while before the shower ran again, the painting got put off until Sunday.

Since I've lost 90 pounds and almost 24" in the last year, I've replaced some of my wardrobe, and the things I have that fit I can't really spare for painting in; of the old clothes, none will stay up when my arms go over my head...

So that's how you end up painting the kitchen ceiling in your underwear!

The shower worked fine the next day (and still is working fine); the ceiling I'm not so happy with, but I'm not sure anyone but me would notice it; one of those "I know it's there" things, where it jumps out at me.

And now, after a nine hour shift and another 500 cars out the door, it's time for a shower and some sleep!



Heidi said...

Wow..I'm glad your wife was not hurt.

I need a Mr. Fix it type of guy around here..I have seen " Hire my Husband"..I ripped off the little paper with phone # just incase.

Congrats on the weight loss.. :)

Ceri said...

Hi Al...

Playground in my Mind said...

I also am glad that your wife is okay; I expected an accident when you got back to her. I hate little things that "you know are there!" Great going on weight loss-good for you. Renee

sjobs said...

I would love a Mr. Fix it around these parts.....

You are one handy man.

WOW!! That is a ton of weight, congrats...

Time to get ready for work.

Have a terrific Thursday.


I n g e r said...

90 lbs!!!? Alan, way to go!! What an accomplishment!

As for the DIY projects: what I wouldn't give to be wired that way. Hey, next time you're in Connecticut c'mon by... :)

Barbara said...

"So that's how you end up painting the kitchen ceiling in your underwear!"

What? No photo? LOL

Glad to hear your wife faired better than the bathtub tap.

kath said...

ouch! I too, am glad you wife is okay.. ..

and i am impressed tht you not only fix things, blog and build cars.. but you COOK!

Some men are definitely keepers!


and aha! so that is how you end up painting ceii=lings in your underswear..
i am a little disappointed.. i hoped it was a hobby tht runs in the family or something LOL

congrats on the weight loss!

and.. you mentioned a car story of your own.. i am all ears.. ( or eyes) when and if you ever want to share it


love your blog.. you makes ms smile

kath said...

ceii=lings ?

wow somtimes i just outdo myself with typos!

ceilings , of course..

Nancy said...

I am still in awe of you. The 90 lbs especially, but the fact that you can repair the faucet for less than 9 bucks, fix the ceiling in your undies and your pants fall off if you put your hands above your head! Your wife is one lucky woman Alan! You are very handy and you cook!

Jen said...

Great story!
I'm so glad your wife wasn't hurt, that moment of panic must have been awful.

And WOOO HOOO on the 90 pounds!!! Way to go!

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