Friday, February 24, 2006

Flu 3, Me 3!!!!

The plumbing seems to be "cured" for time present, as do I. I made it to the "fitness center" (the gym at work) today for the first time since last Thursday, and when I hit the scale I was under 200 for the first time since the holidays. Not that I would recommend losing weight the way that 5 pounds went (or did I lose it from wrestling with the plumbing after...hmmmm?). "Thrashed" my legs for two hours, "felt the burn" but not like I have sometimes though I'm doing more excercises, more sets and more weight.

I keep reading things that say if you don't "hurl" on leg day you didn't do it right; being a person who never hurls except under the influence of way too much alcohol (long since given up for that reason and others), I only got a bit nauseous and wondered what I am doing wrong. After two hours, I left instead of trying to do treadmill time so I could shower and eat when I got home and not have to "rush" to get out the door to work on time.

I left the plant, crossed the front sidewalk, stepped off the curb and my right leg was so wobbly it almost gave out! Guess I did better than I thought!

TGIF (and I don't have to work tomorrow)!



Frankie said...

YAY! Glad to hear you sound so strong and empowered! Have a GREAT weekend Alan!!

Mystical Me said...

Well I do hope your feeling better, dont over do it!! Doing to much can make you worse!! Take care, sweetheart!! Love, MM XOXO

dragonflyfilly said...

this post reminds me of when i decided to be "Ms. Olympus", before there were guym for women (1982) and i wanted to get in shape to deliver my daughter. My ex- accompanied me, but before i was even half into the exercises, i had to go "hurl", = exertion plus morning sickness...unfortunately i never went back.

keep up the good work -- in the end you will be glad you did!

cheers for now,
pj said...

ohhhh I KNOW that feeling! LOL