Thursday, February 16, 2006

Were we ever so young?

As I stock at work, I have a radio hanging in my forklift. This afternoon on NPR they mentioned a website called You The reviewer said he had spent countless hours there since he found it watching footage of his favorite bands, and that all you had to do was go there and type in the name you were interested in. You don't get to download and keep it, only watch, and there are no fees because it's all public domain; if anyone claims a copyright, the footage is immediately removed.

The reviewer said his favorite so far was T-Rex "Get It On" with a very young Elton John on keyboards (so young he still has his own hair was the rest of the comment).

Of course, I had to come home and try it; typing in Joni Mitchell

Then as I watched my eyes throat choked up...and I smiled! As I tried preview to make sure I had learned STB's lesson properly, it happened again, but this time a tear or two flowed as well. I don't know what it is about Joni, but she touches me every time...

The next one I tried is here if you are curious...

(Just what I needed, another place to spend time!)

The other cool thing I've found in the last few days was courtesy of Yahoo and a story about "The Fillmore". The website is called Wolfgang's Vault and if you click Vault Radio you get the session recordings, live from the Fillmore and Bill (given name Wolfgang) Graham's personal archive! Of course there are lots of things for sale as I write this Chicago is playing live, from 1968...and as I close it just became Delaney and Bonnie from my birthday, December 29, 1970 with Eric Clapton!

It's like a dream!

Thank you STB for making this possible!





boo said...

big yellow taxi is my all time fav song & i listen to chet baker at night if i can't sleep. but for good reasons because his music relaxes me. its hynoptic.

Frankie said...

It's amazing how powerful music is, isn't it? It has the ability to transport us to other times and places in our life in an instant, moments that we had kept unknowingly locked away for so long. I know just what you mean about that moment it resurfaces, those memories and tears that are brought to the surface. I know that I'm relatively young, but I look forward to a lifetime of those moments. This is a really great post! Thanks for it!

sttropezbutler said...



TDharma said...

wow, alan, thanks for spreading the word. i know what you mean about joni, she has been touching my soul for 30 years now -- wow! 30 years! That clip of her in 1983 is fantastic -- she is beautiful no matter her age. What a gift to the world.

CrackerLilo said...

Isn't the internet an awesome thing?! :-)

annie said...

wolfgang was bill graham, the famed promoter, and my booss, for a time.
the vault is what dick latvala, the dead's archivist, called the vast accumulation of tunes.
i have loved joni since i was 14, and i am 48 now! gets me every time, she does. one of the highlights of my musical life was finally seeing her live, in 1998.
"amelia" is among my most-favorites.

Jen said...

heavenly music, thank you

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing Alan. Retrieving a child from school now, but will check it out later. This is so cool. I should turn on NPR to hear the story!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Wow, I'm gonna check out that site. My favorite Joni song is "River".

kath said...

I always say that the magic is there.. we just have to know it.. and acknowledge it..

glad you found a bit for yourself :)

wonder if there is any catie curtis?

alan said...


As a matter of fact, there is...


Mystical Me said...

Thanks for the info!! Now I have more places to visit online lol. Take care, MM ;) XOXO

Blogzie said...


How cute is it when Joni gets the giggles during the song?

And of course, Chet Baker is always brilliant.

As are you!

You've mastered the art of linking.

Now you know why STB is my personal guru!


Hawaiianmark said...

More than righteous!

I could spend some coin in the vault, ouch!

Aloha said...

I have created quite a few addicts of I love it!

Type in SNL sometime, they have awesome clips from the show :)