Thursday, May 25, 2006


I finished putting my son's Neon back together late yesterday afternoon, and we ferried it to his house last night. It's much easier to put things back together when you are the one who took them apart! I let him disassemble most of it while I puttered and put things away,etc., then he got busy and then left on vacation, so I was stuck...

So today I made it to the gym for the first time this week. My back was beginning to "bug me" so that was what I worked; now I should make it through 'til Tuesday when they reopen.

Dottie's off tomorrow; we're going to try and see "X-3" and hit Sam's and Costco before I go to work. She works Saturday and Sunday, so I'm planning on mowing, riding my bike some, cooking, and watching Indy and Monaco if I'm lucky. She's off on Monday as am I, so perhaps we'll make it to another movie or two.

3:19, gotta run. Hope everyone is doing well; I'll try and catch up over the next few days. If you all only knew how many times a night you pop into my head while I'm at work...(you'd probably commit me)!



Heidi said...

Have a great weekend Alan.. pressure but don't forget the Chicken Marsala recipe :)

sjobs said...

Have a wonderful weekend Alan. We are heading to the northern wilderness of Minnesota and I can hardly wait for 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. It has been almost 6 months since I have been up there.

BTW-My SUV needs an oil change. You wouldn't happen to be coming to MN any time soon?????

Love you,


Von Krankipantzen said...

Have a great weekend. Sounds like yours is all full up already. Don't foget to throw some fun in there.

alan said...

Heidi, I'll put the recipe up tomorrow night when I come home. I really loved it!

Mary, I'll be changing mine this weekend if you want to drop by, two wouldn't be a problem!

Stacey, if I can get far enough ahead by noon Saturday to go ride my bike for a bit and then watch two races on Sunday (I haven't really watched any since the same two last year) that will be quite a bit of fun! Fun is checking in on you and Yoshi on Fridays!


Patricia said...

so you put the car back together and didn't have any parts left over? that's amazing!

i hope to catch a movie this weekend, too, but i just can't get into that x-man thing. even with the yummy jean luc. and now frasier, too. weird. i hope you guys have fun!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

LEt us know how X-III is.

Happy weekend,

ConnieJane said...

Great weekend to you Alan!

Mystical Me said...

I think if you knew how often you popped into my head youd probably commit me along with you, lol.

I wanted to stop by & say hi & let you know your being thought of today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend & do take care. Ill be seeing X-men3 this weekend too, too bad we couldnt go together. Love always, MM XOXOX