Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fly by...

A very quick passing here...

Tried Sunday night to post the roses part of my Sunday post, Blogger was still having none of it. I didn't start the computer last night because of the beautiful thunderstorm I drove through coming home.

I spent Monday reading and re-reading health insurance stuff as they are closing the PPO I've been in for years and I had until next week to choose between two other plans, a "traditional" and an HMO. Although the idea of paying 100% of our office visits makes my wallet ache, with the fine print that's in what I get to read of the HMO before I'm in it I just can't see giving them the option to deny or delay whatever they'd like. I went and talked to one of our benefits reps at first break last night; he said he's going through the same thing right now, and that his wife was just diagnosed with cancer, and he went with the traditional plan for those exact reasons as well.

So it's 11AM, I just booted the computer so I can go make our plan election (if I don't do it they automatically put me in traditional, but drop her!) and print a copy. Then I have an errand to run and I'm still trying to make the gym by noon as I lost yesterday!

Thank you all for such wonderful comments on my Sunday post. I "Googled" George Washington Poplar and did come up with some links that still call it that, including some pics of one at Mt. Vernon that George planted! They all do get around to the Latin name from the Wikipedia post.

I'll try posting those roses tonight and try to visit you all!

Tried parking on the street last night again as it was storming and I didn't feel like swapping cars...hope my doors aren't glued shut from the "nectar"!



Von Krankipantzen said...

I hope your health plan stuff works out alright. How stressful.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

My healthplan is merging with another and we have to decide which way to go too!

robin andrea said...

Wouldn't it be just the most ideal thing if we had a single payer system, and cut the bloated, self-important, self-interested middle man out? What kind of country doesn't assist in the health care of its citizens? This is one of the most important battle lines in the war for our future.

I am using my real name, I am the blogger formerly known as Rexroth's Daughter.

alan said...


I can't imagine how much we could save if we just eliminated the lobbyists from healthcare and the drug companies!




I'm trying to hurry up and be 65 so I can get some small relief from health insurance costs...
Good Luck.

Patricia said...

healthcare. ugh. another reason to consider moving to canada, eh? i'm very lucky in that i have what is arguably known as the best health insurance in my area. when i think about changing jobs, the healthcare part of it comes up every time.

parking near a "sappy" tree is the worst! the stuff practically needs to be sandblasted off.

boo said...

thanks for visiting with me. i'm going away for the weekend so u take good care & have a nice weekend {{hugs}}